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Kodak FL5.2 Battery pairing


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Hi everyone,

I have a Kodak 7kw inverter with a 5kw Kodak Fl5.2 battery. I want to add another battery to the system but the FL5.2 is relatively expensive compared to volta etc. 

Is it possible to use another battery brand in combination with the FL5.2?

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Good evening @hvl2

Usually it is not recommended that LiFePO4 and other Lithium batteries are mixed so I would recommend not to use any other Lithium battery in parallel with the Kodak FL5.2, I have done a quick search and the Kodak FL5.2 goes for around R33K without the cable I have seen one shop where the price is R30K.

Kind Regards


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I have exactly the same issue with the absurdly expensive FL5.2 batteries. 

Not much under R40k. Compared to other descent brand, almost double.

Started thinking maybe I should sell my 2, or buy secondhand, from someone in the same boat?

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