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axpert problem


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hi there everyone

i have been looking a bit, but cant seem to find something similar, so hoping im not double posting

I have a bit of a funny situation. My axpert 2.4kw has been running for almost 2.5years, and it use to easily carry the startup and load of my 0.7kw pool pump and a 9000btu aircon. Wiring has never changed

About 2 months ago I started noticing that when a heavy (i assume induction) load is introduced (eg my pool pump), my inverter will immediately kick into bypass. If I attempt to run my pool pump without mains present, my inverter will complain bitterly for 10-20 seconds. Thought maybe my pool pump is getting old and requires more power for a longer period than what the inverter is happy for that induction

Last week I turned on my aircon with no other heavy load , it was running fine, compressor kicked in and I could see the load rising gradually but within reason, little complains there.

Yesterday the aircon made my inverter go back into bypass at startup, i then had a more in depth look, with a average of 300w usage (tv fridge etc) I turned the aircon on without the mains present, error code 7 (which is overload timeout) started flashing, beeping away, and I notice that consumption climbing up and up and up past 4.5kw, to which i then immediately turned the mains back on for the bypass to kick in. Now I know one can argue that the load is too heavy for the inverter, but running my system for so long and knowing what It use to run, Ive never seen any form of load from my appliances attempting to draw so much according to my inverter, even if I ran my 9kbtu aircon, pool pump, tvs , fans etc simultaneously in the past.

Could my inverter be on its way out? Anybody have some advice or insight for a amateur like myself how to better troubleshoot?

I have a 2.2kw solar array, i never introduce heavy loads on the batteries alone

I have 4 x 160a agm batteries, decent condition, balanced

Appliances and cables running them is fixed and thus has never changed

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9 hours ago, Renier82 said:

In line mode it doesnt go that high and the aircon is the inverter model

That's weird. Maybe it isn't a very good inverter model, or the inverter has broken in such a way that it's essentially direct-on-line (non inverter) now.

Both guesses seem unlikely to me.

If the 4.5 kW is real, then it's not the inverter's fault (it's only capable of 2.4 kW continuous), and it's right to switch to line mode if available. I'd say your lead-acid battery at 2.5 years, which will have suffered from the charge bugs, isn't capable of staring the air conditioner motor any more, even with the inverter (in the aircon) helping to keep the load lowish. Perhaps another model of air conditioner that has a more suitable load profile would help. Or possibly it's lost some gas, and takes more power to start; I don't know if it works that way.

So: perhaps an air conditioner service?

Perhaps make sure that the battery is getting properly charged, and isn't prematurely going to float stage? If it does, use a high load to force it to bulk/absorb mode again, and do this till you're satisfied that the battery really is properly charged. Then it might be in a lower internal resistance state, and might be able to start the air conditioner.

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