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blown 25amp fuse to pvs


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On 2018/12/23 at 1:50 PM, gabriel said:

hi gents, the 25amp [attached] fuse blew, it is between my pvs and the axpert... anything untoward or should i just replace and carry on ...

Replace and carry on - fuses will often blow at lower than rated currents as a result of heat build up from other sources. Make sure your terminals are tight, wire not too thin or annealed, fuse terminal gripping tightly.

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1 hour ago, gabriel said:

if i put a 30amp fuse in there would that be bad?... at present my only choice before next year <_<

30A will be fine till you can get a new one. It will just blow "later", i.e. more current needs to pass through the wires for it to blow. IF there no faults in your system, it shouldn't need to blow.

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