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InfiniSolar 3+ noob questions


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Can someone please help me with the following questions relating to an InfiniSolar 3+ ?


1) Which grid-tie standard (E.g. VDE0126/VDE4105 etc) is recommended for SA?

2) Exactly what is the difference between Off-Grid modes I & III relating to Inverter Mode, relay, overloading and transfer time?

3) Does the unit connect Neutral to Earth when AC falls away, i.e. will an earth leakage circuit breaker between the Infini and the load work?

4) What is the significance / downside of enabling

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Hi Ursi,


I currently use VDE0126.

The only differences between the standards that I can see offhand, is the allowable voltage and Hz range.

There might be other stuff in the background, but that I can only guess.


With Off-Grid III the inverter does not "sync" to the grid and creates a physical break between input and output.

This limits the output to 3kw. If the unit is loaded more than that, it will switch back to the grid.

In mode I the inverter stays connected to the grid, so you should be able to draw around 4,5kw before the unit trips.


You can get lost in that discussion regarding earth bonding. I do believe that on this specific unit it should not be required to do it after the unit, as this is a true hybrid, so the neutral should be internally connected by the unit.

Do not feed the unit from an E/L unit, but do install one after the unit for the necessary circuits.


Have not tried that setting yet, but my best guess it would allow some drift and variation on the input sensing?

Perhaps also limit the current drawn from mains if running in genset mode???



Install the software in the default directory.

Do only a single setting change at a time and use the up/down arrows. Do not try to enter numbers directly.

Recheck everything 3 times after you made changes.

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Thank you Wetkit


I have one follow-up question:


Mustek gave me a filter unit with an input (mains side) connector and an output (inverter side) connector. Why do you think this filter is necessary and what will happen if I start feeding power back to the grid from the 'output' to the 'input' of the filter?

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Yea, not 100% sure about the filter....

Operation with and without the filter looked the same to me.

Perhaps if you run from a genny it might help?


Ursi, which mode will you be running your unit?

What type of electrical meter do you have?

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Hi Wetkit,


I want to run the unit as an UPS (Off-Grid Mode 1 based on your recommendation) until I have installed my panels and then grid-tie the Infini with feed-back into the grid.


My street meter box is locked but when I last saw my meter quite a few months ago, it was still an electro-mechanical disc-type meter which should be able to spin backwards.


I should actually try to hire somebody with a master key in the Garsfontein area to come and check if it is still the case.

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