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Portable Battery Box


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Hi All

I have finally had the time to post some pics of my portable battery box for camping, etc.

Consists of:
Big Jim Toolbox (heavy duty)
102aH Deep Cycle 12V
Various fuses
2x Hella Sockets
2x 12V sockets
2x BH Sockets (Red) - for NL dual battery connection to bakkie.
1x BH Socket (Grey) - for connection to solar panels (2x 100W)
20A Solar Controller (Built in)
1x NL battery monitor - recessed in lid.

Works very well with NL freezer or inverter (used for grinder/drill etc on farm)

Comments and suggestions ;)






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Very nice.  Care to share a wiring diagram?

Not very complicated. 

All main circuits (charging and solar) are connected directly to battery.

All others go through a block with fuses for each of the 12V and Hella sockets.

The Grey BH is so I don't plug the Red BH into this socket.  I have an extension cable from socket in bakkie load bay for NL dual battery connection (Red BH to Red BH).

I run my fridge off a hella and lights are off 12V sockets.








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Nice job Mark

I've just converted my camping/load shedding system to 24 V so I need to make a new portable box as well (something with wheels)

Bug Jim may have a nice roller box that would fit 2x 12V batteries and all the bits...  I like this solution.


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