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  1. Hi Mark Just clean the tubes from time to time. You can remove one of the tubes and see if the heat paste has not dried up. You can also test the Air release valve .
  2. I've got the same problem with mine. It seems to work a bit when I put fresh batteries in it.
  3. It could be the capacitors or the insulation on the cable, it can be tested with a multimeter just check continuity between the wires and earth. If you pull up the borehole you need at least 2 people. If you take the pump in to be tested take the cable as well. good luck
  4. I agree Typically the prices are around R15000 for the 200L and R13000 for the 150L I had an evacuated system in my house and my electricity went from 14 KWH to 7 KWH per day (Edited by Moderator)
  5. It must of been the common wire I had the same issue ,stolen street wire
  6. I have bought a few batteries from them,if I remember the guys name is Graham . Good price and service, he might also be able to give you some nickel wire.
  7. what do lead carbon batteries do for lead acid .some of the specs are impressive
  8. Hi Gerrie I also had that problem in my house. It turned out that the municipal common wire was stolen from the power lines outside. I would be concerned that you are leaking electricity into the ground somewhere.(I hope this makes sense)
  9. Try Sanitary centre circulating pump 12v R765.90 excl panel 10 W R465.40excl.
  10. Corne in my many years installing irrigation systems I have not seen a Hunter irrigation controller that has a time delay between the zones. The only one I came across was a Nelson brand that they sold years ago. You might think there is a delay but its just the pipes being pressurized
  11. Can't you just feel if the tubes are hot or cold when the sun is out
  12. do all the Microcare MPPTs have a wind mode or is this custom
  13. Yes you will always get a power loss converting from 3 phase to single phase .if you are running the pump below its max capacity (head height) then it might work. I agree with plonkster I would rather try purchase a single phase pump than convert the old one. There are lots available on the used market (Facebook) and other places.
  14. Martin most pumps like that can be converted from 3 phase to single phase with a capacitor. Have a look at the nameplate on the pump .If you have problems post a photo.
  15. Clint


    Take it to Midas I got R165 back on an exchange
  16. Moose I would go retrofit evacuated tubes If your geyser is less than 2 years old it might be solar compatible .
  17. Chris which type of inverters are they ?
  18. I have been following this new battery tech for a while and it looks promising.
  19. I would purchase a day night switch and replace the relay switch.You will just have to find the existing relays activate voltage to find a compatible relay that has 5 or 6 pins.
  20. Emma i hope this helps http://thesweethome.com/blog/should-you-get-a-front-or-top-load-washing-machine/
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