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Axpert Error Code 2


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10 hours ago, Clivevan said:

all seems OK except it flashes error code 2.

Actually, when it flashes, it's a warning, not an error. Warning code is undocumented, at least in the documents I've seen, but it's not hard to guess that it's an over temperature warning. My reading is that the warning comes on (for either transformer, battery-side heatsink, or inverter-side heatsink) at 95°C (off at 65°C), unless the fan is locked, in which case the thresholds are 80°C and 50°C.

Assuming that your inverter-charger hasn't been operating long enough for this to be realistic, you presumably have a hardware fault. It's probably as simple as a cable not connected, but it might be a sensor or something more serious.

It sounds like a new installation. Is it still under warranty? If so, you need to get it fixed/replaced by your supplier.

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11 hours ago, Clivevan said:

Over temperature

I have 2 x 4 kw Axperts installed in parallel mode.

One runs +-10 running degrees higher than the other.It(Master)(version 73.00e) is a year and a half older (running)

My fans are blowing in the wrong direction(from top to bottom).

The Axperts have 12 cm fans(4 x 12v) blowing outside in to cool them on both sides(Top vents) on each inverter.(quick and lazy way)

The dust level I know is higher than in other rooms(garage).Will used compressed air and invert internal fans(another task)

There are other fans that are better than the factory installed ones.(replacing is one of my future tasks)

The temperature of the master hits the 50 degree mark on hot days.

I also have fans extracting air in the garage. 

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Thanks Coulomb. I think you hit it on the head. Brand new installation but the Axpert has been sitting in its box for about 5 months. I will return it. This means getting the guys out here to disconnect the entire thing and then shipping it off to Mustek.

Thanks Flamegrilled - I am too scared to fiddle with the fans - I think I am still under warranty and thus the installation will have to be ondone and ship back to mustek. in any event it flashes error 2 from the word go - ie BEFORE there is even time to heat up.


Regards to all

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