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Exiting main DB board.



I'm busy setting up my install, and I'm looking for information for the correct way to send power from the main DB board to the inverter DB board.

The inverter DB will be installed on the backside of the same wall the main DB is installed into.

Can I just drill through the wall out the back of the main DB?

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On 2020/01/09 at 3:37 PM, plonkster said:

I prefer to at least line the hole with something, a bit of 20mm conduit works well if you start with a 20mm hole. But I don't think it is a requirement.

I agree with fitting a conduit or sometimes you can just put a pvc coupling or adapter if the thickness of wall don’t allow conduit. Also brass bushes is ideal if going through back plate of DB. Put extra if you can.

It is also always better and good practice to use the above as the electrician that will do the COC might not be happy if no protection for wires were used.


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