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Alieu cama

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14 hours ago, Alieu cama said:

bus soft started error [09] cause I mean what causes it

Fault code 09 is a well-known Axpert error code, relevant to all models that I know of.

When the inverter starts up, it slowly charges the bus capacitors (the "soft start") and reads the bus voltage. If the voltage doesn't rise enough in a certain time, fault code 09 results.

It could mean that the small power supply used to charge the bus capacitors is faulty, but sadly more often it means that IGBTs have shorted, either  in the inverter proper (the DC to AC converter), or at the bus end of the battery DC-DC converter.

If you're handy with electronics, there is some good information in the PIP inverter repairs and hardware modifications topic.

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Hi to everyone I want to ask what causes error [5] for ultra power 1kva is always alarming error 5

On 2020/02/22 at 1:14 PM, stoic said:

Welcome @Alieu cama,

The experts on this forum will require a bit more info. To start off with, what inverter do you have? a picture of the sticker showing the details will be very helpful


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