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Wanted: VE.Direct to USB/bluetooth cable


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Anyone have one of these lying around that they want to sell (or give away)

The cheapest I can find a new one is R450 (USB) the bluetooth is just expensive.

I have the Bluesolar MPPT 150/35, want to look at the data....


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1 hour ago, Jaaks said:

The cheapest I can find a new one is R450

That's what they go for. They are 35 Euro... or maybe 28. Can't remember.

If you are willing to forego galvanic isolation, you can make your own cable by using a USB to TTL serial converter, such as this one. I cannot remember if the solarchargers are 5V or 3.3V. Some of these TTL cables has a jumper allowing you to change it. They can be had very cheaply (the one linked is an Adafruit one, nice but a bit more expensive).

The galvanic isolation adds quite a bit more cost. The cheap way of doing it is using a pair of opto-couplers (but that limits the speed of the cable). The other way is to use a chip made for the purpose such as the ADuM1402. Either way, that doubles the cost of the cable.

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