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Hoymiles - Technical advice needed


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Good Day,

I've installed a 600W Hoymiles microiverter system, with Efergy clamp on CT for backfeed blocking. I just cant get the thing to work.....

Lastest software is installed,


Anti-Reflux is enabled


I've followed a post on the forum but it is vague and I can see the settings they are refering to (I did log in as installer), I understand MI State as shown below must be "ON" but how to switch it on?


Any help please. Thanks




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On 2020/03/30 at 6:22 PM, paulw said:


Found it thanks.....however my transmitter doesnt show a SID number. 😂😂🙈🙈

I checked one of my transmitters and it does have the number.  Remove the batteries on your transmitter. You should find a small printed label on the inside of the battery compartment on which the SID number is printed. 

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On 2020/03/30 at 4:34 PM, GreenMan said:



Mine didnt have any stickers except for the QC checked sticker.

I eventually stripped open the transmitter to check the ic board....

Luckily there was a sticker on the chip.

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