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Looking for brief confirmation that I can parallel these 2 Axperts


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Hi all

I am looking for brief advice from our Axpert experts here:

My 'good old' 5kVA Axpert (RCT branded) died on me yesterday - or so I thought. Luckily I managed to source on short notice another used 5kVA Axpert (Mecer branded), took the RCT off the wall and connected the Mecer. Only to find that the Mecer also would not switch on... After some lengthy fault finding, it turned out the that the cable in the top of the fuse box between my DC combiner box and the inverter was loose. Once that was tightened, the Mecer started. So am now not sure if my RCT actually did pack up or if it was the loose connection after all. I will get the RCT checked out at my local installer after the shutdown (and repaired if the relay really did fuse after the accidental overload last week as we initially thought).

But this means that I will most likely have 2 Axperts going forward - so I am thinking of paralleling them. Both are PF 0.8 models and both are running firmware 73.00e. Am I correct to assume that I can parallel these without any problems? Here are their stickers


Thanks in advance for your help !

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