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Interesting layout on the back of an A++ rated fridge


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Hi all,

As part of our solar project, we replaced the fridge with a Bosch KSV36VL30, which is A++ rated. It really is an awesome device at a good price (compared to, say, the fancy Samsung and LG stuff which often costs more and use more electricity too). Tonight, while cleaning out the drain pipe, I noticed it uses an interesting arrangement at the back. Where every other fridge I've owned simply has the drain pipe running straight into a plastic container on top of the compressor (where heat from the compressor will evaporate it), this one has plastic channels running the full width of the fridge, arranged such that the water will actually dam there, and overflow into the usual container on the compressor.

Now I am curious why they would do this? My best guess is that leaving the water there, right behind the heat-exchanging grid, probably helps with efficiency. I would think that perhaps it puts the water there so that heat from the grid will evaporate it, and good old physics 101 says that in order for the water to change state, it has to absorb heat from the environment, hence: More efficient heat exchange.

It's a guess, but I can't think of another reason to do this.

Anyone want to speculate? :-)

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15 hours ago, Chris Hobson said:

under pressure would be forced through

But it is a vacuum release... it sucks in air.

You open the door, cold air falls out, warm air moves in. You close the door. Little circulation fan in the back turns on and rapidly cools the warm air. Warm air contracts and suck down the door. Vacuum release pipe ensures that the door will open again a few seconds later... not a minute like it was for us (which is why I had to clean it)!


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