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My funny Biodiesel Experience


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About 7 years ago I had a hungry Nissan Sani 2.7 turbo diesel with 2 fuel tanks, and this thing was a killer on the pocket, so biodiesel was a great alternative fuel and saved a fortune on fillups (there was a place here in Pinetown that supplied)... All went well for a long time, and in the donkey, any possible power loss/gain went unnoticed...

Then we went for a conference in the Berg, in the middle of Winter. The Sani stood for 2 days outside in the cold (negative) temperatures... Lo and Behold... Sani wont run... The biodiesel had frozen! Took us 8 hours to get from the Drakensberg back to Durban, pumping and coaxing frozen biodeisel into the engine :D

Still used biodeisel till the Sani was sold, unless we went anywhere cold, then we made sure we took another car or filled up with normal diesel.

PS: I know this is just because of the way the bio was made, there is much better stuff out there that doesn't freeze, but not in Pinetown at the time.

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Jip, they warn you upfront, biodiesel does NOT like cold.

All you do is add 80% diesel, 20% bio, and you are fine. Been there, done that. :P

EDIT: and do NOT drive without a new diesel filter, when you start with biodiesel .. you cannot imagine the gunk coming our of your system the first few tanks.

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He he, at that stage it was "new" and "good" and ... add all the selling points and hippy statements...

No-one ever told us at that stage that vegetable oil got thick - Like other techs, lesson learned!

TTT - ooooh, on that point you are right, but at least I was told about that - Something to do with the ingredients that start cleaning out the rest of your fuel system (maybe the Lye?), but after first 500km replaced the filter (could even see all the garbage/cr@p). We did a full service/cor/etc when we sold the car, and that filter was like factory new... The junk either was missing the filter, or there was no junk?

Wish I could tell you how it went after reverting back to Diesel with the new owner, but he decided the donkey should hit 160km downhill, and completely ruined the engine/turbo/radiator within 1 week of ownership... Tried to get his money back, but my tracker was still installed which proved he screwed the vehicle... But that's another topic.

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I think it is the process.

Both places I bought from, got oil from everywhere. It would not be cool if Woolies and PnP trucks smell like F&C. :D

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