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9 hours ago, Sbuh said:

if you add a circuit breaker on the inverter AC line out, will it protect the inverter if the grid power that was interupted returns while you still using the inverter to power the whole house using a wall socket?


Sorry, but why would you install it like that, inverters should be installed properly. 

To answer your question, the breaker will not protect your inverter. The inverter electronics should pop long before the breaker trips. 

Please do not consider exicuting your origenal plan. 

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What @Jaco de Jongh said, although if you are successfully powering the house with the Inverter during a grid interruption then the grid cannot just return on it's own. I'll explain.

If the grid is off (i.e. during load shedding or the like) and you just plug an inverter or generator into your wall socket without turning off your main breaker, then you are actually trying to power the entire neighbourhood from your inverter or generator. This is obviously not possible, the massive load would just look like a short circuit to your inverter. You would have to isolate your house from the grid for this to work, so therefore you also have to reconnect your house to the grid when power is restored.

BUT, remeber what @Jaco de Jongh said, please do not try to do this. At the very least, install a changeover switch that allows you to power the house from either the grid or the inverter without ever having both connected at the same time.

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Just to add my voice: Never ever do this. If you electrocute someone by feeding into the grid, you can get into serious legal trouble, we're talking manslaughter charges or at least endangerment. Spend the R350 and install a Hager SFT240 changeover.

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