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Mecer 3kW 24V charge amps not showing (but charging)


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I have recently purchased the MECER 3kW 24V inverter (SOL-I-AX-3M-24) for a non-solar work backup / UPS setup and it seems to be behaving strangely. I have installed many 5kW inverters, mostly solar and connected to the Pi ICC monitoring software so I'm familiar with the bigger brother inverters to the 3kW. I am also familiar with the screens and programming an all these units, but this one has stumped me...

My question... When this inverter is charging (I measured with a clamp-on amp meter to make sure it was charging), the inverter display for battery amps shows 0A even though it is delivering 20A to the batteries. When discharging it shows the correct -A. I have also connected it to a Pi with ICC and it's the same, shows discharge Amps, but 0A while charging (even checked in the data feed values as well as emoncms feeds). Looks like it just does not report charge amps.

Does anyone have any wisdom to share with this? Could it be a firmware issue which may need an upgrade? I hunted for newer firmware, but could not find it anywhere. Current firmware is: V1-02-73

Your insights are appreciated... as always

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1 hour ago, Riff-Raf said:

Could it be a firmware issue which may need an upgrade?

It's a "feature" of the user interface, to protect you from those nasty negative signs. There are separate screens for charging current and discharge current.

In fully patched firmware (not available for 24 V models, sorry), these are combined into one screen, with (gulp) negative sign for discharges. As you apparently expected.

When you see PV charging current, it's battery-side current (not panel current). I think they changed how this displays, so the 24 V models may be slightly different. Usually, BATT is shown as a clue that these are battery-side currents, and PV and AC indicators come on if there is any PV charging and any AC charging respectively.

I can never remember whether the currents displayed are net (with battery load current subtracted) or just the charge current (ignoring battery load current). I think that may be another thing that they changed.

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