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Camper Build


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I have an Toyoya Landcruiser 70 series which I have converted for overlanding, I have design my electrical system, now just waiting to get home to start the build.

Parts procured:

  • 500Wp PV Panels
  • 12/2000/80 Victron Multiplus
  • 150/45 MPPT
  • 50A Phoenix smart charger
  • 50A Buckboost
  • BMV 712
  • GX Remote panel
  • CCGX
  • Lynx Distribution
  • DC Fuses and CB
  • 2 x BN13V-310-4K Blue Nova batteries
  • Still need to get the AC distribution board with CB and RCB

Camper and the design idea



Photo 2020-03-24, 11 02 58 (1).jpg




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This will be a nice build. Looking forward to the build pics.

I am curious though:
  Why did you go for an external Phoenix charger and not just using the 80A built in charger from the Multiplus?
  The MPPT150/45 also seem like an overkill for just 500W of panels. Do you have 2x 250W or 3x 180W panels? I would have gone for a MPPT100/20 (or15)  with 2x 250W panels.

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7 hours ago, Louisvdw said:

The MPPT150/45 also seem like an overkill for just 500W of panels.

Exactly. Why is that Henk? Now you have made an investment like this it seems like you forgot the panels. On the other hand these panels should be fine for your 4x4 (Which looks awesome btw!) so I go with @Louisvdw, this is overkill. And not only the MPPT.


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