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Introduction - new to solar

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Good day everyone,

My first post and intro here on this forum.

I am not a complete newbie and understand a fair amount more than your average Joe, but I have recently invested in a small Victron solar system for my house and have a lot to learn in that regard. So far the system (basic and humble as it is) impresses the socks off of me.

It consists of:

- 48V 3Kva Multiplus II

- Venus GX

- BMV 712

- 150 | 35 MPPT

- 4 x 12V 200Ah AGM batteries

- 5 x 22V 135W panels in serie

So looking forward to sharing my experiences with it and to learn a lot from the big boys here!

Will now go and search for a thread where hopefully what I need to know was already discussed. 


Cheers everyone!

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1 hour ago, Swartkat said:

My first post and intro here on this forum


Hi Swartkat and welcome to the club. Unfortunately we don’t yet have jackets.... Hey powerforum, how about some jackets for members?

There is always something to learn and we have plenty willing members who are keen to help. In turn you will no doubt have some knowledge or experience that others can learn from. 

Well done on your starting with a Victron system. While there are also other worthy contenders, you made a smart choice for your “maiden” system.

If your are married, you will want to start building another room onto your house for when SWAMBO kicks you out after “wasting more money on solar”  But don’t worry, she will usually end up inviting you inside again when the load shedding happens and she can still do her washing, thanks to your solar system. 😂

Please feel free to share any weird and wonderful experiences you have with us. Also, if you have any questions, there is no such thing as a silly question. 

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Thanks Solaris.

The wife already mentioned she can see that my solar "hobby" has become a disease, but seeing as she is the one that is responsible for the monthly electricity bill, she is not complaining tooo hard and may even end up furnishing my mancave with all the money I'm going to save her, lol. 

Still feeling my way around the forum, not sure under what section to post Victron related questions? I have a question pertaining to a setting in the ESS software that I'm unsure of. Where to post this?

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Welcome Swartkat

Luckily I got the wife involved in the project from the start. She now likes playing around with settings even more than I do 🤣. She even helped me install the panels on the roof, despite her fear of heights.

Bottom line, if SWAMBO is on board, it is all good going forward, even the upgrades later 😉

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