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Different battery types off same inverter


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Hi all,

just wondering if ts possible to charge calcium and lithium batteries off the same inverter with the same dod ?


ive got 4 spare practically new 12v calcium’s which I used as a backup prior to my solar lithium install. Can I use them? 

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21 minutes ago, Vassen said:

This is not safely possible. The chemistry of the battery is different, hence the charging is different. 

the voltages of the 2 batteries will be different at different SOC. 

best the sell the calcium batteries or repurpose for something else 

That’s such a pity..... is there a sales section on this forum? Can’t seem to find one 

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17 minutes ago, Boerseun said:

Sound advice from @Vassen rather just sell those lead acid batteries the risk of damaging something is too high and the cost of making them work together is not justifiable.

Ok thanks gents. Major pity, these things are pretty much new.

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