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Mix panel power in a series string?


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Hi all,

Here's the question: I want to upgrade my system - currently its a single string of 9 72-cell CS 335W panels going into an Infinisolar hybrid.

I have in mind the Sunsynk 5.5 machine - which has two solar inputs.

So I'd put the existing string on the one input and then build a new string for the other.

Only the 335W panels aren't in stock.  So I have a quote for 405W panels.

Now I have two spare 335W panels - so my question is if anyone has practical experience with putting 2 72cell panels at 335W together with 7 405W 

Electrically I don't see why it wouldn't be fine.  Obviously I need to check the total Voc.  and confirm the short circuit current of the bigger panels is OK for the smaller ones.

Its only 2 of the smaller panels so that would perhaps slightly decrease the total current flowing since their internal resistance must be a bit higher?

Are there other effects I'm not thinking of.  I guess it saves me say R5k so I don't want to be penny wise and pound foolish!




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