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Adding a second Multiplus II to my System

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Hi Guys,

I want to order a second Multiplus II inverter, so that I can connect it in parallel to my first one. I have read before that the 2 inverters need to be the same or compatible in order to do this. My current inverter is a Multiplus II 48/3000/35A - AC transfer capacity 32A, if I order the second inverter that has the same description will it be compatible to connect in parallel? Or is there a specific ID on the inverter that I need to match the 2 inverters? 

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The model number has to be the same, also all wires ac and dc have to be EXACTLY the same length, otherwise the wire resistance difference will create a problem, got this from an installer and also found it somewhere on the Victron website ( for the life of me, can’t put a finger on it )

The latest model number is 2629

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Thanks for sharing smurfdbn,

I managed to get the first Multiplus installed fairly easy, but have a feeling this is not as straight forward as I thought. If I can't figure it out then i will have to get an installer to fix my mess🤣

I was hoping i would find a youtube tutorial, but have not yet seen anything worthwhile yet. 

Anyway i will be happy to share once i have it installed. 

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