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  1. Send a screenshot of your system mode screens
  2. the Pylontech 2000 is a 48 volt battery, you need the Pylontech 2500
  3. Have seen some posters doing it on Youtube, it is a good idea, will save time at the site, depends on space at the clients site though
  4. @CapeTown, i have an installer that did my panels, good, reliable guy, send me a pm and I can hook you up with him and I can also help you with settings on the Sunsynk.
  5. I would ask fora quote on the Sunsynk, better interface, the ceo of the company is much more involved with training videos on YouTube all the time, a much larger user base on various forums and the price difference is not substantial. The main advantage of the 540 watt panels is, if roof space is a little tight
  6. @Gerrie, good to hear that even 220 volts on the Sunsynk mppt is working fine, yes, do keep us informed, I do think that it doesn't "much" of a difference if you are running mppt voltages closer to the high end of the voltage range
  7. @Scubadude, i have my geysers, washing machine, tumble dryer, dish washer, pool pump on non essentials ( between ct clamp and inverter ) and all works well, my total load so far this month is about 400 kWh and bought from grid is 20 kWh, this is with the Limit To Load NOT ticked, that is 95% self consumption. Think we should leave it as the difference between Deye and Sunsynk and I don't profess to know anything about Deye
  8. @Scubadude, to each his own, I did an actual test plus also a friend of mine has the same results, so as they say to each his own, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  9. @Scubadudeunless I am mistaken somehow, I did an actual test on my Sunsynk about 20 minutes, ago, unless that is one of the differences with Deye. i am not necessarily right all the time
  10. if you tick limit to LOAD ( essential circuits ), then all your non-essentials ( between ct coil and inverter) will be powered from the grid, not solar, just confirmed it on my Sunsynk
  11. @Scubadude, unless I misread what you said, if you tick “ limit to load”, then only the essentials will be powered by solar and non-essential will draw from the grid.
  12. @Silkman, what part of the country are you located in
  13. I have never been able to get Smart Load to work the way Sunsynk says it should
  14. @Freakazoid, you have to request a firmware update from Deye support, I don’t have details on how to contact Deye as I have a Sunsynk
  15. The 540’s will be easier to find in the future as the 455’s become obsolete like the 300 plus watt panels anymore
  16. @Terminal3k, have the installer add the rails for the additional panels, this way all you would have to do is mount the panels and hook up the wires in series, when you are ready when you have the budget
  17. The 5 kW is now rated at 13 amps, my inverter is over a year old, so had a firmware update done to achieve the 13 amps, but based on the cost and not having roof space issues, go with the 455's the amps are relatively important, eg if the mppt was rated for 11 amps and you had 13 amp panels, mid day you would have clipping, which is not really a problem, but you would be wasting pv production
  18. the Voc is 49.6 on the 540's , i think i am right what is the price of the two panels ?
  19. @Guthrum, you mentioned that you are based in Cape Town, if you don't come right, maybe I could come out and help you.
  20. @Guthrum,sorry, missed where you mentioned Deye in the subject line, summer time I use less than 30 units a month. my pv production is close to 750 units per month. @Scubadude is right you don't have much pv production, what sort of a day was this, cloudy, rain, etc, also what size are your solar panels
  21. The green graph is nine Canadian Solar 355 watt panel ( had those originally with a Victron ), that is why it is a higher voltage string and the orientation is NE versus NW for the JaSolar panels
  22. @Gerrie, attached is my pv voltages, the blue graph is six JaSolar 540 watt panels, the total Voc is 300 volts, seems to work fine around 250-260 volts.
  23. I have a sunsynk 5 kW inverter and Pylontech 4.8 KWh battery, no problems at all even during load shedding
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