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  1. send a picture of the screen that displays ALL the numbers, before and after the geyser ( non essential circuit ) is switched on
  2. I have two Pylontech's on their sides, touching each other for the last 16 months, no problems
  3. @Sarel, how many people out there do you believe are exporting or can export to the grid, City of Cape Town, even the lead solar person admits that the cost of the bi directional meter makes it not feasible to do feed in
  4. @MdF, can you post a screenshot of your work mode screen
  5. @Leshen, do you have a spinning meter also
  6. @hoohloc, what size geyser do you have with the 1.5 ptc element, since you have it on all day, what tempreture does it reach, also do you still have the thermostat hooked up to the element
  7. Agree with @hoohloc, same set up, even the batteries, also run a 65 inch tv from 1800 to 2230 hours (approximately)
  8. do you still need a thermostat with a ptc element or can it be eliminated.
  9. I know of a guy in Pinelands, who had a three 3 kVa Victron ( in parallel ) approved by CoCT
  10. @Tiktaalik, based on the screenshot of the CoCT requirements, you should be fine
  11. Canadian Solar 2172 X 1303 JaSolar 2279 X 1134 so the JaSolar is slimmer by 149 mmm, which might be more important depending on your roof width
  12. have you guys noticed that as the panels get larger the Voc is dropping, eg Canadian Solar 355 watts 46.8 volts Canadian Solar 595 watts 41.1 volts
  13. @Nexuss, i am based in Cape Town also, my one string is 355 watt panels times nine Voc 421 volts Vmp 354 volts the max I saw this winter is 411 volts
  14. @hussein, you sure can, you can easily go up to 10 panels on each string, just make sure the firmware is updated to be able to go up to 22 amps
  15. NNW array is 6 JaSolar 540 watt panels, NNE array is 9 Canadian Solar 355 watt panes, for a total of 6435 watts.
  16. Even though CapeTown is relatively free of lightning I still went ahead and installed surge protectors in my combiner box
  17. The 370 volts is probably the optimum voltage, but you don’t want to push your string voltage past 450 volts. I was going to 470 volts on one string and in a chat with Keith Gough, he said it should be ok, but that I might peak at over 500 on a very cold day, so decided not to take a chance, based on what he said.
  18. @Buyeye,Only if you buy a R12,000 bi-directional meter and pay an additional R100 user fee and be a net consumer for the year
  19. @Erastus, if I want to monitor temperature of a kwikot geyser, what is the simplest/cheapest way of doing it
  20. or after the isolater, as long as the isolater is switched off FIRST.
  21. @Antonio de Sa, yes, that is correct, you should use a DC isolater , I have a Sunsynk, so i use the built in isolater, reason being you don't want to be pulling fuses under load.
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