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  1. I have a 5 kW sunsynk installed in the scullery, the fan only comes on when loads are quite high and then only for ten minutes or so till the temperature drops, although the fan noise is not too bad any way
  2. I specifically asked Keith ( Sunsynk ceo ) regarding the hard Voc , according to him the mppt could tolerate a maximum of 520 volts and shut down at 550 ( not sure what shut down means ), I was going to use 10 panels for a total Voc of 468 volts, but then decided not to take a chance. As Achmat said, you are better off with running with a bit of clipping than taking a chance with a high Voc and from what I know, doesn’t Four Ways have very cold winters
  3. Unless roof space is a consideration, look at cost per watt also What part of the country do you live in, coldest temperatures
  4. @hoohloc, how does the pic element work or what is the benefit
  5. my colleague has a 5 kW with the same high pitched noise, they can even hear the clothes iron making a high pitched noise, Sunsynk did give him another inverter, but does not look new, even scratches on the screen
  6. @Vijen, are you going to be off grid or will you be connected to grid, if you are then you could get away with a 5 kW Sunsynk, I have my db split into essential and non essential and gone up to 7.68 kW loads, utilizing pv and battery
  7. The Axpert’s are not on the CoCT approved list of inverters and not sure In which category of sseg can they be used
  8. The Sunsynk is R31,741 at the Powerforum store, 5 year warranty, communicates with a number of batteries, no need of additional hardware and I can attest to the support from the company
  9. I have two panels for sale R3000 for both will only sell as a set non negotiable 11 months old, have receipt located in Cape Town cannot ship, too much of a hassle
  10. The Sunsynk 5 kW is rated for 6500 watts of solar panel power, if I go beyond that ( keeping the voltage range within limits ), will the mppt just clip the excess pv ?
  11. @Leshenis the Hubble expert, maybe he can help
  12. Happy installing, great choice the Sunsynk
  13. You would have to reset the inverter to get rid of the fault codes, but it does not hurt anything being there.
  14. I have two Canadian Solar 365 half cell panels and one 355 watt panel The panels are one year old, have receipts i am located in Cape Town, pick up only as shipping panels is a major hassle R4500 for all three panels.
  15. great install, you were lucky yo have a roof large enough to fit all twelve panels
  16. I totally agree with @87 Dream regarding the 5 kW VM III, the 48 volt lithium battery is actually less expensive than a 24 volt lithium baterry, eg Pylontech 2000 available at powerforum store for around R11,600
  17. Has anyone tried the new E419 update, mentioned at www.sunsynk.org , the post mentions some new features that are now available
  18. is the kettle on Smart Load, essential or non-essential ?
  19. @phidz, the problem I seem to have is that if smart load switches off due to battery soc falling below the cutoff or pv drops below the load specified on the AUX screen, Smart Load will NOT switch on AGAIN during the same day, even if both conditions are restored, it will only switch on the next day
  20. i have gotten to the point, that i hardly ever need to adjust the settings on the inverter, to me actual REAL TIME data would be nice.
  21. Hi Calvin, I assuming the50/50 combination means two strings, one NW and one N E. ?
  22. @Calvin, 30 degrees, thanks
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