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Sonoff 1 Channel self-locking/ itching switch


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I have a problem. I have the Sonoff 1 channel self-locking / itching wifi switch. The switch is connected to the app and ticks when tested on the phone but the gate is not moving. I connected the com on the switch to the com on the motor and the N/O to BT. This is the ET 500 Drive with the LCD display. This motor has N/C and N/O ports as well and I connected the switch to them but nothing. Any advice?

On my ET 500 Plus the above setup works fine.

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Your setup sounds correct.

You can test your setup by taking the wire connected to com and bridging to BT (Button trigger), the gate should move.

If it moves you need to see if the relay causes a short between N/O and COM when triggered. Could be poor contact. 

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