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Hubble Battery Help


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Hi Guys hope you well.
I have done a few solar installs but i never did the physical setups of the system so thats a bi of a grey area.

I installed a quottro, Venus GX, Smart meter and then 2 Hubble batteries.
I have bothered the poor guy by hubble so much i thought ill try and research a bit before i bother him again cause his been such a great help so far.

I firstly would like some help with the settings i think thats my number one priority i had a look on google and victron but it doesnt seem as if im getting the right info can someone maybe help me out there

NR2 everything is running great but i cant seem to get the second battery going guy from hubble said theres a black cable but i think someone by the client misplaced it i cant find it. Can anyone give me the pin settings for the rj45 please i have tried a few already but i think they wrong so i would like a confirmation please. I tried one of the RS485-A setups from axpert but it doesnt seem to work. I also tried the RS485-A from pylontech and that also didnt seem to work. One thing im not sure of is the dipswitch settings on the battery.

thx for any help in advance




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I know that the Axpert and Infini inverters use a non-standard pinout for the RS-232 port, so I assume that their RS-485 ports are also non-standard. So the pinouts in the diagram you posted is very likely not correct for Victron gear.

Sorry, I don't know what the correct pinout is, but it should be readily found. Or just get the cable from a Victron supplier.

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