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Hi guy I needs some help I just want to confirm if this is the correct cable. I have purchased 6mm2 Helukable but there no markings say helukable and on the cable is 4mm2 and say Shanghai Youngin is this correct thanks.



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10 hours ago, Richard Mackay said:

Identifying cable sizes can be confusing, especially when the info isn't printed on the cable!

What I have found useful to check on cable sizes is to use bootlace ferrules to check this.


That's a great tip, but you still don't know the composition of the metal and where it's from. Quality standards for the past 30 years or so ensure that a cable manufacturer should be able to trace it right back to the mine where the copper ore was unearthed.

I think that this is easily prevented by only buying cable that is properly marked and from a reputable source.

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