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Efergy eLink software installation problem (Adobe AIR)


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My laptop recently went into hospital for a format. I tried installing the efergy app (eLink) but I am having trouble. The app requires Adobe Air, which is no longer supported. The SDK is available, which I have downloaded, but I do not know how to install it or point the program to the right bits. Google seems to focus on IT gurus.

I contacted Efergy who's response was "You can download a SDK version of this item (https://airsdk.harman.com/download) and you can download and install after you accept the terms and conditions."  Download complete, but how to install? No .exe in the root folder or the install folder.


I have just moved into a new place and intend to install a solar system in the next few weeks, but now I am unable to analyse my usage to make sure that I spec it correctly :(


Can anyone help please? 


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1 hour ago, Kalahari Meerkat said:

I assume you run a version of that Mikey Mouse O/S called Windows, presumably you got a .MSI file, on which, with explorer you can right click and choose install...

Don't know the software of the efergy app, maybe someone else around here has more details/experience with this lot...

Correct, it is on Windows (I have tried using Win 10 and Win 7). I do not see a .MSI file in the root, but I found 2 through a search, but these fail when I run them.

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Here are the installation instructions. I just have no idea what step 3 means.


Install the AIR SDK in Windows

  • Download the AIR SDK installation file.

  • The AIR SDK is distributed as a standard file archive. To install AIR, extract the contents of the SDK to a folder on your computer (for example: C:\Program Files\Adobe\AIRSDK or C:\AIRSDK).

  • The ADL and ADT tools are contained in the bin folder in the AIR SDK; add the path to this folder to your PATH environment variable.


https://help.adobe.com/en_US/air/build/WS2d8d13466044a7337d7adee012406959c52-8000.html#:~:text=Install the AIR SDK in Windows&text=To install AIR%2C extract the,to your PATH environment variable

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