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Kodak OG-Plus 5.48 (King) Correct Settings

Pieter Maritz

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Good Day,

Please I need assistance. I have installed 2 x Kodak OG-Plus 5.48 (King) Inverters in parallel and connected to 4 x Lithium batteries in series (48V). The batteries are GEN2 LiFePO4 (LFP) Lithium 12.8V 230Ah Batteries (Specs attached). There are no solar panels connected to the inverters, just the grid and batteries & loads. The system is basically for backup only should the grid fail. Please find attached the LCD setting menu of inverters for assistance purposes & battery type and specs.

Could someone Please help me with the correct settings from 00-39. @Coulomb, could you also please shed some light on this subject as you are very knowledgeable. It will be much appreciated.


GEN2 12.8V 230Ah LiFePO4 Battery Data Sheet.jpg

GEN2 12.8V 230Ah LiFePO4 Battery.jpg


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11 hours ago, Pieter Maritz said:

Please help me with the correct settings from 00-39.

The battery specifications are confusing and inconsistent. For example, the first part says that the cutoff voltage for one module is 12.0 V, fair enough, but in the table below it says 12.8 V.

Setting 00 isn't a real setting.

Setting 01 depends on your preferences.

Setting 02 (maximum charge current) should be 60 A per string; since you have one string of modules, set it to 60 A.

Setting 05 (battery type) should be USE.

Setting 11 (maximum utility charging current) might as well be set to 60 A.

Settings 12 and 13 (back to utility and back to battery) depend on your preferences as well; while you have no solar, you might as well use something like 53 V and FUL respectively.

Setting 26 (absorb/bulk charge voltage) I would set to around 56.0 V. That's 14.0 V per module, and 3.5 V per cell, which is near enough to full, yet allows for some imbalance before 3.6 VPC is reached.

Setting 27 (float voltage) I would set to 54.0 V (13.5 V per module).

Setting 29 (low DC cutoff voltage) is tricky. I would use 48.0 V (12.0 V per module). Hopefully there is a BMS in there to disconnect the load when any cell voltage gets too low.

All other settings can be left at defaults, or fiddled later without affecting the health of the battery. You should not be bothered by the premature float bug while you are only charging from utility. So no need for timed absorb or equalising (settings 32-39). 

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