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  1. Thank you all for the above discussion. I have found it very informative. I plan to have a 7.5 generator for those dark and cloudy days. I have been concerned with the following which I copied and pasted from Bundu Power's website............ "The Datakom DKG-116 and Smartgen MCG100 controller do not filter out these harmonics. When the harmonics enter the main power cable it causes a ripple effect pushing the voltage and frequency readings up on both the inverter and generator. The inverter then disconnects the AC input and the generator shuts down on overspeed/overvoltage. "
  2. Many thanks. Certainly a lot of food for thought and yes "what will be the compromises." The make and reliability of the inverter will be my next port of call. I have decided to go with local battery manufacturer Hubble as I am in the Western Cape in the Klein Karroo approx 200kms from Cape Town in picturesque Mcgregor. Knowing they are local is reassuring.
  3. Thank you Sarel, you have certainly helped me to narrow my options. I have taken note of your observations with regard to the old style AVR type. I also appreciate your advice as to over-sizing the generator. I certainly wasn't aware that charging a battery with a generator was the hardest workload. since that is the primary reason i require a genrator i will much rather look at a 50% higher rating as i wish to get at least 10 years of usage from the generator. I am sure this info will assist many others like me. I am equally impressed with your the speed of your reply. mucho gracias
  4. Hi Newbie Dave here, Thank you Sarel and others for sharing this invaluable knowledge. Currently I have off grid solar heating for my 150 liter geyser ( 4 x 330w panels in series coupled directly to the geyser via electronic thermostat and 30amp solid state relay with 10 amp fuse protection for the panels.) We are planning to install a 5kw inverter with 7 x 490w panels to power all our other needs with 11 kw lithium battery bank. We consume 8.5 kw per day. We wish to make provision for a standby generator for the cloudy dark days. Question: what kw output generator should I be making provision for? Question: should I increase my battery bank to 15kw as our intention is to be off grid . We can be comfortable using only 6 kw per day for 4/ 5 days . we have gas hob and oven, led lighting etc .Happy to leave the geyser as is with its separate solar generator, has been paying for itself for 4 years already. Budget is in place for the next phase. Any feedback will be very much appreciated.
  5. Hi Justin MM I installed 4x 330w panels in series and this is wired directly to the 3kw element on my 150l geyser. it is controlled by a electronic thermostat that switches a 30amp solid state relay. it works well for me in the Western Cape. it is my diy off grid geyser. I have installed a double pole isloator and a 10amp 10x38 fuse for overload protection. There will be the odd day that you wont get hot water but so far my wife and daughter are quite happy with the set up. This is my first attempt at solar and looking forward to installing a 5kw inverter with 6 x 550 panels to go off grid with 10kw hubble batteries before year end. This is a great forum and a big thank you to all who share their wisdom and knowledge so freely.
  6. Hi Dave here,I would like one with displaly if available. 0823208239
  7. Hi Dave here I am interested in the two rails for R200 if they are available My contact number 0823208239
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