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  1. If you can find the Hubble AM2 now, you should take it. I have heard that the supplier is out of stock, with +- 2 weeks lead time. Get it with the RIOT device combo and save a few rands too.
  2. Hubble AM-2 is out of stock in CPT. Not sure for how long.
  3. Thanks for affirming that. Yeah, that's just how my house has been built. The roof does not have a very steep pitch. I get sunlight on the east face well into the afternoon.
  4. @Leshen would you say a 5kW SunSynk paired with 14 x 455W mono panels on a 5kW Hubble is at its optimal? 7 on each mppt, east and west configuration.
  5. Not yet. For some reason, installers seem to be busy
  6. In Cape Town they having delays, without indication of what these delays are due to. Getting a tracking number didn't seem possible. Will be great if they communicated better. @HubbleLithium
  7. Lots of questions, and very few answers here. Is that really due to lack of data?
  8. yeah, I'm starting small, and will grow my system from there. For now, some harvesting and immunity from load shedding is good enough. That looks quite nifty. Will help me plan when the big appliances should go on
  9. There is definitely a larger load during the day... pool pump, aircon, washing machine, etc. Overnight is probably <3kW
  10. Is that to say that you cannot legally generate more than 3.5kW and hour for local consumption? (I do have a 60A breaker)
  11. no, that is not on the cards. I believe that I will need a new energy dispenser. Not sure the cost will be worth it.
  12. Yeah, @Tariq suggested that I do get 4 additional now before the work begins. I've hit my budget on this for now. Maybe in a year or so I can expand harvesting and storage
  13. I have a bit of a dilemma. I have committed to 10 x 455W panels that will be connected to a 5kW SunSynk. My pitched roof faces W and E. What will be the best layout such that I get the optimal yield during Summer and Winter?
  14. Hi @GTP There is a definite visible saving. I think my geyser element draws 3kW/h (150l copper), whereas the 5kW heatpump that I have uses ~1.5kW/h. Works well in winter. Take a bit longer to heat the water. Some time management helps (running is around midday is most efficient in winter, etc.
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