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  1. What does this spec mean exactly on a 100ah Gel battery? Max Discharge Current: 30i 10A (3min)
  2. Hi - please can someone help me with the CORRECT settings for a - Deye 5K inverter and - 4x 100AH Gell Batteries!!! Please help...I'm looking for the correct values on: Max A Charge Max A Discharge Float V Absorption V Equalisation V Shutdown V Low Bat V Restart V TEMPCO (mV/C/Cell) Battery Resistance
  3. Thank you... So basically only change charge from 40 to 20 And then I should consider "86% / 49V" as pretty much 0% remaining
  4. I have 4x 100ah AGM Batteries (mainly to get though loadshedding), grid tied. I'm curious about the exact correct settings to charge on my Deye 5K and what voltage I should consider "empty, do not cross" Typical loadshedding at night brings battery percentage down to about 86% / 49V after 2 hours Does it make a big difference how fast this type of battery charges?
  5. I have a 5k deye... When the substation blew up a few months ago in pta East/Silverlakes/Wapadrand, I just had my inverter set up. I was quite annoyed that we must have done something wrong... As it switched off by itself! Only to measure the voltage and to find out that because of the massive explosion and kilometres of underground Tshwane power cable that ceased to exist, there was a massive voltage Spike (because they increase the voltage to overcome the voltage drop over such long distances). When that long distance no longer existed, our grid Voltage spiked at 268V and remained there for quite some time. Turned out Nothing wrong with our setup... And very glad to have had an inverter to protect our electronics. I'm kinda inclined to leave it as it is!
  6. I have a set of lead acid batteries on my deye 5k Trying to figure out why I can see the battery on the inverter, and the batteries work when the power is cut... But I don't see the battery on the SOLARMAN app or online. Is there something I have to enable for that to work?
  7. thanks, you're right - thats exactly what happened ... it's now 5000W
  8. Hi, I added more PV and need to change the ratio... for some reason I don't remember where the setting was to change this... But do sorta remember changing it!! Anyone who can help? I want to change it from 3000W to 6000W
  9. I've been getting this every 5 minutes on my 5K Deye since yesterday It's only a warning, but I'm curious as to why suddenly I have hundreds of warnings! (no red lights on the unit itself) (don't have a battery yet)
  10. What is the latest firmware on the Deye 5K? Where do you get the files from?
  11. I suppose I've just been lucky then? I have a 3kw 150L geyser connected in line, running now for over 2 years! I do however think I read somewhere there are newer Pow R2 and older ones... And that the older ones perform better.
  12. I have Deye 5K and decided to put my 3K geyser on GEN/AUX port What is interesting is that I do not have a battery (yet), i unticked the "On grid always on" button. Yesterday it automatically switched on the geyser after 60 seconds - the "W", "HZ", "ON" and "OFF" buttons are greyed out (presumably cause I don't have a battery). Trying to figure out why it wouldn't turn on today - cause the usage in the home was only about 0.3W and it had about 1500W from PV for more than an hour and it wouldn't turn on. Any ideas?
  13. Why does nobody discuss other batteries... Shoto, Dyness, Musteks Dyness copy.... Etc etc? Kinda boring that its always Pylontech vs Hubble?!
  14. I have a 5K Dyness I haven't been too concerned about loadshedding... And my system is primarily Grid tied... but with looking increasing stages of loadshedding, I actually lose money if the grid is off and obviously during loadshedding I don't have electricity from the solar. If I want to get a small battery to start off with, can anyone provide me with some suggestions and/or the thought process in this regard? Money is a bit tight, so I know it does not make sense to eg. Buy a small 2.4 dyness if I want to link it to few other bigger ones later. And I should probably start off with a 5K lifepo4 battery... But I might just have to go for the very smallest/cheapest!? Right? Some people say Pylontech can link irrespective of size... But then other people say you should not mix the different types of Pylontech and stick to a matched capacity between the batteries. Simple question... What is a good battery to start off with? Im not looking to run the "whole house" through the night... If loadshedding happens... I'm asleep! I just want power while the sun is shining, and be able to work on my laptop while there's loadshedding during the day. What battery do I go with? Tia!
  15. I don't really care about load shedding, and don't have the budget for batteries yet, ans I'm saving up with what I'm pushing back into the grid. I want to know however, if it's load shedding at 10am-12pm (hrs) and roughly at the peak of PV power, would I be able to run my inverter off solar (or cheat it) by running 4x 12V 7ah batteries in series? (it wouldn't run off the batteries, it's only to be a tiny buffer for the solar panels) I have 4 new ones I plan to use on my ups system, but want to experiment on the Deye. Good/Bad idea? Tia!
  16. Hi, the 5K Deye states it has PV Input Voltage: 370Vd.c(100Vd.c-500Vd.c) MPPT input range: 125Vd.c-425Vd.c If I have 9x panels in series (46.1x9=424.9V), pretty sure in summer it will get very close to 425V. Is that okay for the PV input voltage throughout summer?
  17. Thanks I didn't want to get batteries yet, but was considering Pylontech. If you had a deye/sunsynk and had to start from scratch, which brand would you choose? (I was hoping for wall mount... Simplest install near the inverter)
  18. Hi, is it possible to have this inverter supply load from PV while the grid is off such as in loadshedding? (I don't have a battery installed, only grid tied) How do I get to that setting? Tia!
  19. I got the Deye 5K Love seeing the meter spin backwards!!
  20. Rookie Mistake... the ferrule inside the MC4 connector wasn't all the way in New multimeter switches on the display from V to mV and you can't easily see the "m"... so 160V and 160mV looks almost identical! Nothing to see here!!
  21. I'm not sure if I have a faulty unit... Because of roof space we installed 2x rows of solar on the roof PV1: 5x panels PV2: 4x panels Originally they were all going to be in series with one set of PV cables, now there are 2x sets coming from the roof and onto PV1 and PV2 respectively. Both sets give proper voltage (at +/- 8am 170V & 180V) When I connect PV1 to PV1 on the inverter it reads PV1: 170V PV2: 5V When I connect PV1 to PV2 on the inverter it reads PV1: 5V PV2: 170V When I connect PV2 to PV1 on the inverter it reads PV1: 180V PV2: 5V When I connect PV2 to PV2 on the inverter it reads PV1: 5V PV2: 180V Is there a setting I need to enable in the inverter to enable both PV1 and PV2? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi, I figured before I confirm which inverter I purchase. I'd ask around here from the experts. I am not so interested in battery run operations currently and use about 1000kwh per month. I've had sensors on my appliances for many months and want to go solar purely for a cost savings exercise to power these appliances during the day -geyser -pool pump -fridge -internet fiber etc. Also interested in pushing some back to the grid while I still can (Tshwane wants to switch everyone to smart meters on the next two years. options on inverters I've looked at include the - axpert king and -infinisolar e5.5 But there are so many others. I won't be able to spend much more than R15k on an inverter! Help please? Tia!
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