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  1. Just to revive this thread and clarify some points. As I’m about to get my db separated before getting the inverter installed should the electrician split the Db now 3 ways 1. Essential loads (lights, plugs) 2. Non essential loads (stove, big aircon 48kbtu) 3. Aux loads (geyser, smaller aircons 12k btu)
  2. Hello im looking for someone in Durban to install my backup setup first then plan to install solar later in the year. Any recommendations for me please ?
  3. thanks for the comprehensive reply @87 Dream
  4. Hi Does anyone have experience with this brand of lithium distributed by First National Battery. Not much info on their website
  5. Is this battery the same as the Sacredsun?
  6. skinnyD

    Sunsynk battery

    Can’t seem to find much info on this battery apart from Ellies? Is it OEM to Ellies?
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