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  1. Hi All, I recently downloaded the latest flow from GitHub and when I import I get unrecognized flows "cycle" and "moment" Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi All, Complete Noob here. I want to build a nice dashboard in Home Assistant for my solar installation. I have a Deye inverter which is the base for Sunsynk. I have a Raspberry 3b+ and a USB to RS232 Cable. How would I get started to get the firmware on the Raspberry, connecting the raspberry and start playing with Node Red? Thanks Kind Regards Jeremy
  3. Yeah, I switched the position to after the meter. Punched in some coding, and this far no trips yet. Hopefully it's sorted now. Now I can get the COC done. Thanks for your replies, I really appreciate it
  4. So it turns out that the Conlog meters have some sort of programming to be done to disable a safety feature within it to allow "leakage" from the inverter that almost contently pushes about 20w of power through the meter. The second issue of the CT is that the when using a Deye inverter, the arrow on the CT should point to the DB and not to the grid as showed by the manual. So it seems like my issue has been resolved.
  5. Thanks Abeetude, Ah, make sense for the tripping issue. But why do you thing it will still "sell" back into the grid with the arrow pointing towards the grid?
  6. Good day all, I have a newly installed Deye Hybrid Inverter. (Which I am led to believe is the same as Sunsynk and Fusion) The system is connected to the grid with a CT, the CT is currently pointing towards the inverter. When I point it towards the Grid, the inverter gets negative values towards the grid (Which I believe means it is "selling" to the grid). The inverter however is set on "zero export to CT" Currently I have 2 issues: 1. The prepaid meter trips momentarily every now and again, it happens mostly around 1 pm and 4 pm. It will trip for about 20 seconds then come back up, it will do this 3 to 4 times in a row. I cannot point to a specific scenario where it trips, ie. High load, Low load, No load. It happens completely random. 2. Because it is a Bi-Directional inverter (Or so I believe) I have my High Load items connected to the "Grid" side of the inverter and my Low load stuff to "Load". When the Grid drops due to the trip in the prepaid meter, my high load items trip with it. Shouldn't these items stay on? At that point in time there are more than enough power coming from the panels and should be able to keep my loads running? I am attaching a rough diagram of how it is currently connected. The Grid and "Load" neutrals are split and running separately. Earths are all connected together. Hoping someone out there can give me some answers. Thanks Jeremy
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