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  1. Yes, system = Inverter and it's an Axpert King 5KW TBH, not sure I catch the ELD acronym. Would you mind explaining? There has been one instance whereby the earth just tripped for now reason. This was with Eskom/Municipal supply not being interrupted and resumed. Oh it's pretty old (I think) it's an HEiNEMANN brand
  2. Hi All, So have fairly newish system running now for the last 5ish months. And with the recent increased frequency of load shedding a very odd thing started happening. When the powers come back online, the earth leakage trips. This never happened before the system was installed. Trying to figure where potentially things are going wrong. So has anyone else experienced this? Thanks G
  3. Thank you! Setting block 3 and 4 to 65c fixed it, even though it's not programmed to any times
  4. It's been set as follows: Monday > Friday Morning: 55 Evening: 65 More showers in the evening than in the morning Saturday > Sunday Morning: 55 Evening: 65 I'll try it out to set block 1 and 2 (only use those two blocks) all to 65 and check
  5. Got a GeyserWise Max with vacuum tubes installed about 2 weeks ago and have noticed that the element icon flashing after the geyser reaches 55c, but my max is set to 65c. Any ideas or thoughts?
  6. Understood. I'll just have to get 1 or 2 more batteries, as I see the one module complains when a high load is pulled from it - Red Alarm light flashes for until solar ramps up, and less amps are pulled. Makes sense, perhaps 1 Pylon US3000C module isn't what Axpert Inverters should be paired with, but perhaps 2 as a minimum. As I'm sure 2 will be able to level out the voltage better. But do wanna say HUGE thanks for digging into this.
  7. No stress. Makes more sense now too.
  8. The battery was manufactured in the start of 2021 - I've seen chatter about the Pylon battery module firmware upgrade. Do you think this is perhaps, something to consider?
  9. Direct BMS cable to removable display Bulk I see it set to: 53.2 Absorb - not sure which setting this falls under (Battery Float?)
  10. From the look at the latest PV drop. Battery voltage was 53.10v before the voltage dropped to 48.5v at it's lowest. 1 Single PylonTech US3000C - which I think is a bit too small to handle really high spike loads. But the latest spike the battery was full, and solar production was good to cover more than 2/4 of the load.
  11. Hi @Coulomb Today I had another drop - this time around the battery % was around 93~94. Would this still be that premature float bug? Seemed to have happened as load increased, which would mean a drop in battery voltage.
  12. Just went back and saw more drops - this time around, no spike in voltage. So starting to wonder if the MPPT isn't on it's way out. Will enquire from Voltex about this behavior when they are open again
  13. So the voltage stays high at around 80v, and then wattage slowly ramps up. But something that concerns me is that during these dips, I can very clearly hear a relay flip/click off and then a few moments later flip again, and only after the second flip/click does the wattage ramp up. And as the wattage ramps up, so does the voltage come down to "normal working levels"
  14. Hi All, Trying to understand why my inverter just drops PV at times. Constant load in blue, with green being PV. The drop in PV production was cloud rolling in, which from guessing and reading on the forum, could be a voltage spike and MPPT tripping. However, looking at the voltage it doesn't seem to have gone over the max: Inverter main firmware: 71.97 Any thoughts on what this could be? My gut is telling me it's a wiring issue. Thanks Grant
  15. Been playing around with solpiplog, and got some automations running via Node-Red, but I seem to be missing Grid usage and Battery Charge/Discharge data. Currently have inverter connected via USB cable. Not sure if serial connection might provide that data?
  16. Curious how you get the Grid Watts coming in? Are you needing to run your own calculations somehow?
  17. Hi all, So I've got a King 5K (5kw) inverter which has been updated to the latest factory firmware. But I've noticed that the inverter doesn't want to switch from Solar/Utility/Battery back to Solar/Battery/Utility. The only way is the disconnect the mains supply to the inverter instead. Not sure if I am missing anything? Battery bank. Pylontech with the inverter connect with the BMS
  18. Thank you! Def need to look at this. As I'm not fully utilizing the free energy from the sun at the moment
  19. What software/system do you use to control all of this?
  20. Hi All, I just want to give @Sarel Seekat a huge shoutout for his assistance with my current set up. Gotta say, he knows his sh!t. Also, he designed a super sleek app/integration for the Inverter and Battery. And if you're someone who likes data and graphs - it will blow you away!
  21. Hi All, Pretty new to this solar and inverter thing. Did my hard study on the manual, and have made some tweaks regarding where the solar load goes etc. But I do have a question regarding some weird switching. My battery is pretty much sitting at 98% to 99%. During 98% the bluetooth apps is in Line Mode, pulling power from the Solar and Utility if needed. But when the battery reaches 99%, the inverter switches to use the battery only. Now my question: Is the above normal behaviour because the battery is full? Current Settings: Output Source Priority: SUB (Solar Utility Battery) Charger Source Priority: SLB UCB (Solar Energy provides power to load first, and allow for utility to charge battery) Regards, Grant
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