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  1. Yea NP. So that battery is quite big and heavy, would probably need to come and collect it. It weighs like 200+kg.
  2. I'm in Roodepoort, dibs allowed but if someone wants to take the whole system when it's time they get preference.
  3. emigrating vs immigrating pfft. Can't fix it either.
  4. I will probably be immigrating soon, hopefully in the next 3 months, will then be selling my kit for a bargain. My setup when bought new : 12x300W panels R2000 x 12 R24,000 Bought them in 2015 so they still pretty new. Flexmax 80A MPPT R12,160.00 No Warranty 15/11 Freedomwon Lithium Ion R103,580 - Got a 9 Year Warranty Left, Cycled it at an average of +-40% DoD rated for 70-90% DoD 8/16 KVA Hybrid MLT Powerstar Inverter R62,992.77 Six month on certain parts. Combiner box + cables + mounts + Battery Controller. +R5000 Price When New Total at least R207,732 Thinking of asking a very reasonable price when I go. Post here if interested and to be taken into consideration.
  5. Hehe we lose quite a bit of water with evaporation so have to keep the damn thing topped up all the time.
  6. The idea is to try and minimize human intervention, covering up or removing tubes are an ineffective way of reducing the heat and backfires on cloudy days. That looks promising, I have the TSE version installed. Will call them and ask if that model can do the same thing.
  7. I've got a 32 tube system heating water in a 200l geyser. I would like to connect some sort of relay-valve and monitor the temperature and then open the valve if say the temperature goes above 75 and close it if reaches 65 degrees. At the moment I'm just covering 12 of the tubes in summer but then on cloudy days the performance is not so great. What would be the most reliable way of achieving this? I've got a geyserwise so would be awesome if one could plug into the sensor for that. I'll dump the extra hot water into the swimming pool as I have to top it up with water anyway.
  8. Interesting I'm in the process if switching to prepaid, because my power bill is R100 a month vs the +-R500 connection fee. I also have solar. Please just help me to understand the details of the no-prepaid rule. My DB is split and I have another DB for everything using the inverter. So just to understand once you are on prepaid the inverter can never use AC to charge the batteries? Or are there some instances that it is allowed? Inverter is NRS097-2-1 compliant though. I've got a big lithium bank so I could technically just unplug my inverter from the AC as it's using those industrial grade high amp plugs to feed in AC.
  9. NERSA withdrew the draft, working on a new one. https://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/south-africa/nersa-to-withdraw-plans-to-register-rooftop-panels/
  10. Yea the inverter can already tell me what the total usage is etc. So gonna buy two of these SonOff devices and start measuring. Might re-purpose one to the pool pump.
  11. Had a look at the effergy they cost about R1300. This looks like a very nice solution.
  12. I'd like to measure some appliances in the house so I'm looking for something like this kill a watt meter that I can buy. Don't want to spend too much. Unfortunately that one is on back order of almost two months. Any other suggestions?
  13. I have seen that on my pack. Large current draws dropping the voltages. Is this only due to cable lengths? I thought it was natural for a pack voltage to drop under high load. Luckily the Powerstar has the state of charge input from the battery so it doesn't try and float the battery back to higher voltages unless it's actually needed. Quite fascinating all of it. Chart from this morning. My voltage drops are more than 0.6V...
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