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  1. This is what I have anyone with any experience in lead acid batteries ?
  2. Hi I acquired 24 X Hoppecke 600 Ah 2v batteries commissioned September 2008....was used with SMA SB 4000 Tl and SI 5048. 24 x Hoppecke 910 Ah 2v batteries commissioned June 2015 ...was used with SMA SB 5000 Tl and a SI 5048 These batteries were fully operational when decommisioned, stored for a year and when contractor was commissioned to reinstall he told client he does not install crap ! ( Probably installed one of those blue things )...that is how I got them ....( 48 batteries X 40 kg x7.00 / kg Now I am from the era when things worked and when they did not yo
  3. The guys on this forum are afraid of SMA products they are mostly Victron and Apex ....no disrespect....always very helpful !!!.Try Solar PV South Africa on Facebook...Fourie Joubert says 90% of his work is with SMA products...maybe he can help or point you in the right direction... also have a SMA system ...good luck !!!
  4. https://eeco.co.za/projects/generator/ The above link appeared on my WhatsApp page !
  5. Just trying to sort out the things that I "can" do before I have him do inspection !
  6. Thanks for all the answers ! Being a retired garden boy l am slightly confused ! Having watch this video: powerforum .co.za topic 2297 difference between various grounding toplogies. I have two flats which are part of the main residence, they have been seperately wired with own internal meter,the power source is from "main residence" to get a Coc each unit had to have its own earth rod ! What I am now planning to do is to combine the earth wires from my two strings and take them straight to the nearest earth rod which belongs to one of the flats.The earth wire from surge breake
  7. Hi I am Roland , have a SMA 5kw Sunnyboy av40 with one string of 9x310 Engel PV panels facing east and another facing west 9x310! At present I am harvesting on average 38kwh per day . A friend who is a solar installer in Africa help me,or I help him ! Problem is i fall in the Coct area so we need to take the "Bush" out of the system ! and register the system ! The way I understand earthing is that a mounting rail in each array of panels (6 and 3 ) need to be earthed, a Schlettler mounting system was used ,the two strings then connected , the earth wire then runs on the outsi
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