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  1. Yes that's a plan but will have to look at the specifics closer since the roof real estate allows for only two more panels and if we AC couple will waste the MPPTs on the Sunsynk. Currently 11 panels 6 & 5 panels per string into SunnyBoy on N facing unhaded roof and not visible to public. Will need to convince Bro in law to use the other roof spaces for more panels. He is not so keen wrt. aesthetics. Will try and convince him otherwise. Will keep the group updated.
  2. Bro In Law has acquired a Sunsynk 8kw and 2* 3,5kw pylontechs. Has a SMA SunnyBoy 3.6kw and 3kw panels currently. Wants me to rig the system up. So above was a good learning curve. Have 2 options 1. Flog the SunnyBoy and use only the Sunsynk with a backup generator for eventual Offgrid. And add a 3rd pylontech down the road. Or 2. Parallel the Sunnyboy with the Sunsynk for now to overcome loadshedding and do option 1 down the road. Looking forward to doing this.
  3. Set the Grid Signal ON and the Activata ON and Voila! it went up to 100%. Thanks to ALL who contributed for all the advice and tips. Will hold back with the Software updates for a while to monitor the system. Mucho appreciated.
  4. Have COMM:e405 and MCU:2130. Purchased the wifi dongle today and will see how that goes. Any tips will be appreciated. Did see on the Sunsynk website the ffg. warning: Quote "Before doing any upgrade on the Sunsynk UI please check that the inverter is newer than:- 1904 xxxx If older than this model number then the only upgrade that can be done is E410 Otherwise you will damage the inverter. Please take care to check the ID number of the inverter before attempting any new upgrade." Is the 1904 xxxx the ID number? Mine starts with 2004
  5. Will try the Activate and Grid signal tomorrow and see what happens. Would have tried now but the system is at a friends home.
  6. That was when we first powered up everything and the battery was 41% SOC and 10 minutes later loadshedding hit. and later when the battery was below 30% the photo was taken. Here is a shot from today 230pm.
  7. The charge/discharge here shows 70/40 respectively but the battery was charging on 37A. This is also the spec for the pylontech. The settings on the inverter are overridden by the battery BMS. I changed the charge/discharge on inverter to 37/37A as per battery spec. Have the dongle now so will also check the firmware versions. Does the battery also have firmware?
  8. Well it was on 88% all night and up to around 3pm this afternoon. The system is initially setup as a backup ups mode. Thought the same as you but still waiting for the jump to 100%.
  9. This morning the battery is still on 88% and 5 lights on the battery green. Seems to be stuck on 88%. Will look at FW versions today and get the wifi dongle.
  10. No wifi dongle yet. Did the installation for a friend. So will probably check the version tomorrow.
  11. Need to check the versions. What would the newest version be. Is it easy to update? Whats the procedure for the FirmWare update? Appreciate the support from u all here thanks.
  12. Need to check the versions. What would the newest version be. Is it easy to update? The use timer is not checked, presuming it will not follow the time of use schedule and would at all times charge battery from grid if need be. The system is just battery backup for now, with solar and a 2nd bat down the line.
  13. It started charging after the comms was changed. That was at around 14:17pm and it was on 49%. At around 17:18 it was 88% and 17:57 it was still 88% and at 6pm was load shedding. So will get a reading at 8pm. Will take a reading in the morning when it should be 100%. The plan is now to install PV panels in a week or two. A second battery may be on the cards. The Inverter is a Sunsynk 5.5kw.
  14. Hi guys, Changed the comm cable this morning to the CAN ports and the inverter is now showing the Battery stats. dip switch are all on 0(down). Battery charges at 37A (Pylon recommended charge rate) which is not the setting on the inverter (70A). Does the inverter Or the Li BMS control the charging? The battery now seems to be stuck on 88% SOC (on inverter UI) and 5 leds on battery SOC for the last 2 hours. No clue why that is. Any ideas guys. Thanks again for all the tips.
  15. Thanks Vassen. Also on the single battery dip switch settings i have 1 0 0 0. set . Is this correct?
  16. Cool will try it tomorrow! Thanks for the response.
  17. Hi Achmat, Thanks for that. Did u use the same cable but in the CAN port? Or is a CAN cable different?
  18. Hi Guys, Just did an install for a friend with a Sunsynk 5kW for UPS only with 1 Pylontech US3000. Used the RJ485 cable provided with the battery for communication. If I go by the info on UI -> Li-BMS icon and section 4.13 of the install manual, the screen shows all 0 values. I take it that the communication is faulty. Did u guys use a CAN cable for the Inverter-Battery communication? If so is it a generic CAN cable? Will need to get one to sort out the comms.
  19. Hi Guys, Does someone have the specs for the SOL-I-AX-5P. Need to plan the PV panels first and see what is accepted into the inverters Solar Charger, that is Voc and MPPT range and max power PV panels allowed.
  20. Thanks for the response. Regarding the wiring diagram(got it from the web) I see that the labels AC INPUT is shown twice which is incorrect. It is a pre-built board for the Axpert inverters. Thus it is from the LHS AC INPUT, AC OUTPUT and then Transfer Switch. I have redrawn the wiring to the best of my ability here please see attachment. Need to figure out the DB connections now. Thanks inverter_backboard.pdf
  21. Hi All, To all here, Thanks for this Great forum and appreciate all the knowledgeable contributors. Need advice: Looking at installing for a friend an Axpert SOL-I-AX-5P with Pylontech US 3000 just for Backup now during loadshedding. Solar panels to be added later. The backup loads will just be lights and essential plugs. No high power consumers. Also using the SOL-I-AX-BACKBOARD for connecting the inverter.(see attachment) Questions to clear up. 1. If the inverter is connected with the DB via a changeover switch (Inverter/OFF/Bypass) and it is on Inverter wi
  22. Hi Guys, Thanks to one and all, and a special thanks to Plonkster for the earthing advice. The system is up and running at my friends farm and he is over the moon. There is still no generator and the system is running only on Solar and batteries. Loads are being gradually added on and the inverters are still on about 25-30% load. We still have not sorted an alarm that buzzes non stop when the Sun goes down and there is no PV power. When the PV disconnect is switched off/on manually the buzzing stops. Any ideas! changed the setting 22 from AON to AOF but this did not help
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