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  1. I’ve come across some used laptop Batterries for sale. Untested. Let me if you’re interested. Based in Gauteng.
  2. Hi Guys Im not sure if its here to ask, but im planning to buy some panels, maybe a hybrid inverter which would be most of the costs for my system during this black Friday specials. But the one things that I would still require, is someone to do the installation for me. Can anyone refer me perhaps to someone who does this and that's reasonably priced? Ill need the system to get a CoC after the installation as well. Id really appreciate your feedback. Regards
  3. Thanks for the info! Will do some reading up on the 3s layout to better understand. Ive managed to get this setup today,
  4. Hi Guys, I'm planning with the sizing of my Li ion battery packs, and need to know how to limit the voltage of the cells to about 4.0V per cell, instead of 4.2V and also perhaps the discharged limit to about 3.1V - 3.0V. I plan on building a 4S 40P Li ion cell pack, to give around 1kwh pack, and part of the issue, is to control the upper and lower limits. Your recommendations would be highly appreciated. Regards
  5. Ah I’m in sunninghill jhb! Hmm, yeah! Thanks for the great gesture! I may take you up on it in the future, let me do some ground work as well! Thanks
  6. was contemplating getting a 3d printer for the printers, also to have the flexibility of customizing the holders like to allow for recessed bus bars and fuses, voltmeters, etc. I decided to think about it later and see how far I get for now. Ill take some pictures and start a thread to capture my progress in another section of the forum. Thanks for the welcome and input.
  7. Thanks! Will do. I’ve got inspiration from them, watched most of their videos. I’m leaving my options open for building packs, still contemplating either 12,24 or 48V packs. Holders, I got an order for the 4x5 holders on their way, so will test those, I also like the home made holders with pvc pipe from average joe on YouTube, may try that as well. I’m also contemplating what to use for individual fuses. I got a few 1amp thermal fuses, but want to try spot welding them first to the cells, don’t want to do soldering, unless I can’t do the spot welding.i plan to limit the cells to 4.1v full and
  8. Hi Guys! I believe this is the only power forum where I can get and find related information. Been reading a bit, so I'm sure there are lots of people in the know here! I'm a mechanical engineer by profession, and have a started a side hobby with batteries and power packs. I've come across a whole lot of batteries, initially from my IT dept., and then from a recycler, id say about 2000 Li ion cells. now, I've got an OPUS tester and a multibay charger, and managed to get through about 100+ cells in the last month. so long road yet ahead. still planning, battery pack desi
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