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  1. A few months ago I procured a Victron Backplate with a MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 Inverter and a MPPT 150/100 I also managed to get my hands on 1x 4kw and 1x 8kw BlueNova Batteries and for my PV panels I got 8x 440w half-cut large wafer cell monocrystalline percium panels. Today I saw a reading of 3712 W charging on the monitor .. I was expecting at the very best conditions 3520W (8*440) , so I'm impressed and very happy. Is it common / Ok for panels to produce more than what is specc'ed? I believe ARTSolar is a South African Company, and I can so far recommend their servi
  2. PlanB

    BlueNova Check

    Thanks. It seems that the 4K is just too small, and that it is not under performing. I'l now start the saving for a new 8k BlueNova.. together with my 4k, it will therefore be 12K and that should carry me through an Eskom load-shedding of 4+ hours.. I hope
  3. PlanB

    BlueNova Check

    Good Morning, Have been lurking around and reading , but this is one of my first posts. Please be kind/patient. I bought a Back Plate solution form a Co in Kaya Sands (it has a Victron Multiplus II 5KvA Inverter, a Victron MPPT and a BlueNova 52V- 77Ah-4k Battery. I also have 8 x 410w Art Solar panels. I am really happy with the Victron and Solar panels, but am unsure how to feel about the battery. I'm hoping someone can tell me how to tell if the battery is performing as one would expect from such an expensive battery. I have set the ESS to Optimized( with Battery life) and se
  4. Hi, is this battery still available? What did you pay for yours? Will it work with a Victron Multiplus II? any photos? Kind regards Dou 0824696666
  5. I've been lurking in the shadows and posted once or twice, a while ago. Now I'm again considdering to do a Hybrid (Grid tied) installation. How do I calculate my current usage? Is there a device that I can connect to my Db that will show a graph of the day and how my household used electricity? I presume I can go to each known devices and add all the watts, but I might miss something. To have an actual reading through the day with a graph , over a whole week wil show true usage. Should I considder a Phased approach Is it worth the effort to first do an install witho
  6. I've been looking at the various brands of panels. If my understanding is correct that 80% of them are manufactured in China, and lately they are all much of a muchness. However,,, There is an SA manufacturer ARTsolar and they make 3 sizes of Panels and their pricing is very competitive. Has any one used these panels and can they be recommended? https://artsolar.net/
  7. I'm trying to calculate the Voc of these panels if I know that my property has had temperatures of -5'C for the last 2 winters. Is it correct that for every 1'C below the Normal operating temperature the can be a 0.33% increase in voltage. therefore -5'C is 25 'C lower than NOCT and would therefore have a possible increase of the Voc of (25 x 0.33 = 8.25) Does this mean that hypothetically the Max voltage of this panel (72 cell)on a very cold morning could be 38.6 + 8.25 = 46.85V? (see attached Picture)
  8. Thanks Coulomb (and others) for clearing this up for me. I've got another question. Last week as a precursor to getting my house on solar, I started by converting my Gate motor and Electrical fence to solar. Both these 2 devices works from a standard 12 V 7Ah sealed battery. I obtained a 30amp Charge controller, a 95Ah deep cycle battery and a 135W solar panel. I didn't need an Inverter, I connected the 12V load from the controller directly to each of the Centurion D5 Evo gate motor and Merlin M28S Energiser. I thought this would be overkill, but I was wrong.. with the
  9. Hi Forumites... I'm starting out on this journey and already have sooo many questions.. I've been lurking in the shadows, reading many posts and I want to know the following. I'm on a smallholding outside Centurion. I've been looking at the InfiniSolar Plus 3K or maybe the Goodwe GW5048 Em 5KW or Infini Solar 5kW Dual MPPT Hybrid Inverter 1. Why would one want to have an inverter that can be connected in Parallel? Would it not be better to have one 10Kw hybrid than 2x 5Kw 2. Almost in the same area; Why does some Hybrid Inverters have Dual MPPT? 3. There seems to be
  10. Good day. Just started on this journey. I'm staying on a smallholding outside Centurion. We have 3 phase power. I have a 3phase borehole pump but the rest are all single phase. The eskom box has 3 meeters, 2 are of the olde revolving wheel type and one is .?? "new type" I'm hoping to get an Hybrid type inverter [Victron Multiplus or InifiniSolar 3K PLUS Single Phase Hybrid Single MPPT Inverter Charger bi directional ] ANd maybe one Lition Iron Battery [PylonTech US2000B Lithium Ion] and pair this with 5 or 6 300W solar panels. These should just power my house during the day and a portion of t
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