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  1. yebo. it was cold chilly Saturday afternoon, my pool pump was on, 800watt, wife switch both kids oil heaters on, assume 1000watt each, had the microwave on, 1000watt and then the TV, computers etc, total, approx 4000watt. ... oh wait, tumble dryer was also on. I run a OpenEnergyMonitor installation with induction based current clamps around every one of my circuits so could go look after the even to see exactly what my load was and from where. Normally not a problem, battery was full so some load came from there as being inverted, some came off the panels as direct invention, to
  2. Well Jaco knows what he's doing and well I work in IT so know my way around the keyboard and Linux OS's etc. G
  3. In this case I did the ssh and executed the commands... thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone. G
  4. ... sorry, never came back, Jaco assisted me (Than you thank you), my unit has been FW updated, the MPPT's I also completed myself, so everything on newest FW now. G
  5. thanks. problem is I'm in JBay so difficult to "quickly" loan a unit. G
  6. As per other thread, I need to update the FW on my Multiplus 2, and the original installer is not coming back, other than finding a new service technician... who has any of these cables ? what software will I need, where will I get the FW. G
  7. Hi all Can someone indicate who all the possible ... service agents are for Victron on the East cost. Jeffreysbay or Port Elizabeth ? Need my FW updated on my Multiplus 2, and the original installer is not responding. G
  8. Hi all Can someone point me to: where do I configure/set the "Loss of Mains detection" setting. Need to check if I'm configured on Type A or B at the moment. G
  9. I know how to make a page full screennnnnnn. Inside the page thats full screen, that view is part of the remote console view, which does not go full screen. G
  10. thing with the iPad idea is you open the URL and then go remote console, which open a smaller "Remote Console" view onto the larger screen, Trying to get/show the screen as attached, as a information centre for the wife, G
  11. ... guys, I know what my phone can do, thinking, I got a old iPad, might have to get a dedicated power supply for that, print a bracket and fit that against the cupboard and point it at the management url. was going Victron had a remote screen "add on" by now for the VenusGX. G
  12. Hi all So I got a VenusGX as the brains of my system, located in the garage. Thinking, can I add a Color Control GX in the kitchen, as a display, or what other option do I have, ie not keen on a Raspberry pi with a LCD. Rather go Victron build. G
  13. true... it is there still, What we removed was the old style timer. G
  14. What I rather did, instead of timer, I swopped the normal geyser breaker out for a contractor, and then manage the contractor using a sonoff, that has a build in timer and well integrated that with my Home Assistant setup. even without the HA setup, the web interface to the sonoff (oh I flashed with Tasmoto) just made it easier to toggle the power at any time if I wanted the geyser to be on at a different time, or change the timers program. G
  15. one thing I'll say bout our forum, the guys are always helpful and friendly, I'm on loads of forums and at times you just have to shake you head at the aggressive nature/vibe of some of the forums. Looks nice G
  16. SSEG Attached. think this is start of things to come. G Kouga SSEG Requirements for Embedded Generation March2019 (1).pdf
  17. hmmm, so you route from network to Mikrotik to LTE#1 (RAIN) during day and from network to Mikrotik to LTE#2 (MTN) at night, Dammm... thinking how this will even further complicate my setup, atm: Edge Router is a Draytek Vigor 2760, as the ADSL/VDSL modem, feeding into a Unifi USG as my core (WAN port in, LAN port out) into a TPLink SG1024G, from where all my devices and Wifi AP's hang. With the above, I will replace the Vigor with the Microtik, as a consolidation sport for the 2 LTE routers. Microtik then feeds into the USG. Have to look at this as I'm nervous about Telko
  18. ... so my setup is in JBay, Wavecrest, of course the fiber going into wavecrest by another provider is at the other side of wavecrest and they only seeing them roll out our side in about ... oh damm we don't have that schedule yet, thats how long... I work in Jhb, and had a RAIN dongle, speed is pretty good (well if I was able to get reception, they're very spotty), uncapped 23:00 - 18:00 is pretty good, loved it, but as a option for my wife and kids, they get home at 17:00, and use it till 22:00, which is pay per use... R50/GB, consider at least 1GB/day so not a workable option. And that
  19. I don't have a problem with telkom wanting to improve things, if copper is a problem, sure, but first make sure a work able option B is in place, and no LTE is not it, we're using about 450-500GB / month. if they will give me a LTE package (ye they will demand a contract, or I will be liable for the HW costs needed), at the same price I'm paying for my ADSL package then sure, or pull their finger out of their asses and get the Fiber rolled out in the area, then I will happy middle finger everyone and go back to CoolIdeas as my ISP, I'm back on ADSL (Paying for VDSL) via Axxess atm and the
  20. Waiting for a copy, has anyone gotten visibility of this, whats the small print, what do we need to know. G
  21. most prob. The curious one, our power in Jbay was stable, never any alarms, 6 weeks ago they did a full shutdown for a day, to do maintenance... and well since then, alarms every day/2nd day. One of those, maybe they should not have touched it as it seems they f'd it up. G
  22. ... I'm not that worried about the AC1Out load, that I know is clean... But my Non Essential load thats currently sitting on AC-In feed... tad issue. As PJJ said, might have to move all of that to AC2Out... Already pinged the installer to find out about cost, most things are there... might just be a couple of wires undone here and connected there. Between my Buzz Bar 1 and Buzz Bar 2 G
  23. thats how I'm getting the alerts... the Victron is doing the monitoring. Ye... maybe using that alarm to deactivate the non essential loads which are on a sonoff 4 channel + contractors might be a candidate for a node-red flow. G
  24. I know, but this is not how my system was wired, by mutual agreement after allot of discussions with various people. This change will cost $$$ as I will need to get Victron people out again. G
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