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  1. I'm sticking with LF to power my valve audio. Case in point: I am about to replace a 30 year old 12volt stepdown transformer for halogen down-lights. It had been powering a a load of almost double it't rating for this period. Don't reckon one of those BIC lighter sized SMPS would do the same.
  2. I reckon this will be like the great audio debates: Valves vs transistors. Class A vs class D
  3. I've always removed the stickers to check the electrolyte in these 'sealed' silver calcium batteries. They need water almost as often as regular lead-acid batteries.
  4. Current Automation has both the regular and DIN mount Meanwell units.
  5. Thank you. Will probably try the R30 cheapie from Communica first, and if that fails, upgrade to the Meanwell.
  6. The DIN version looks nice. Can't find it on Mantech's site. Have these been spotted in SA?
  7. Thanks, will check it out. What concerns me is this: "(Note: Higher than 50v can not work for a long time)"
  8. Thank you Mr P. I'm hoping for something local.
  9. Hi Looking for a DC-DC converter to get 5VDC from my 48 volt battery string. This is to power a Raspberry Pi / Venus box. I could use a regular 230VAC adaptor, but if the inverter shuts-down due to battery low-voltage, I lose the connection.
  10. Hi Last night was the second time this has happened: Multiplus-II as a UPS with 4 x 100AH SLA batteries. Minimal load connected, a handful of LED lights. At the moment of grid failure the inverter turns off with the red overload LED on. Turning the inverter off and on restores proper operation. Anyone else experienced this problem?
  11. Good morning I have just discovered the existence of loraWAN and am wondering how many people are using the network. I would be really keen on installing a gateway at my house, as well as a Victron VE.direct loraWAN module on a Multiplus. I imagine there is a big difference between a gateway and a simple connection. Can a gateway also function as a communication module on the Victron? Any tips on a cost effective solution?
  12. I'll save that balancer for another project. Should be fine as 2 x 24volt strings.
  13. Yes, now that I think about it, the mid-point description is what I'm referring to. I have a balancer that I may want to connect, in which case I must wire-up using the mid-point option.
  14. Something tells me that the first option may be better in keeping the battery voltages balanced.
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