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  1. Thank you Plonkster. I suspected as much. So far I'm very happy with these batteries.
  2. Good morning I have 4 x 100AH Ritar Lead carbon batteries powering my Victron Multiplus 3000. No solar at present, so it is just a huge UPS for the house. I connected a Raspberry Pi as a Venus device, and find it great to be able to monitor the system. Whenever there is an outage (load-shedding), I notice that the battery voltage drops from 54 volt to 49 in approx. 15 minutes. After this it remains at around 49 volts (dropping slightly) for the duration of a typical 2 hour load-shedding event. I'm wondering if this is normal lead-carbon behavior. My guess is the 'c
  3. Good reasoning. This is the route I will go.
  4. I'm yet to fit my bypass or crossover switch. Do I get a 2P and utilize a cross-over circuit, or a 4P and do a full bypass circuit. My common sense tells me a 4 pole switch that will completely remove the inverter is better. But, this can also be achieved with an isolater at the inverter input. Any comments?
  5. I was hoping that there were 4 proper LiFe cells inside the case. Looks like a bunch of cheap 'power-bank' lipo cells taped together. And the fourth bundle squeezed in! Please correct me if I'm wrong. Perhaps that is what LiFe cells look like inside there casings.
  6. Bear in mind that you will require more time to charge the larger capacity battery.
  7. Crankshaft


    Makes sense, thank you. I was thinking that the relay would disconnect the battery once it is fully charged, but yes, I imagine the relay is there to disconnect in extreme cases.
  8. Crankshaft


    I'm busy checking this Chargery BMS out for suitability with a homebrew LiFe battery. Anyone have any comments on the following: The Chargery system has two relays to control charge/discharge. How will this behave with a Victron Multiplus used in UPS mode. I'm concerned that there will be conflict with the inverter's change-over relay and the BMS's relays/contactors.
  9. I'm sticking with LF to power my valve audio. Case in point: I am about to replace a 30 year old 12volt stepdown transformer for halogen down-lights. It had been powering a a load of almost double it't rating for this period. Don't reckon one of those BIC lighter sized SMPS would do the same.
  10. I reckon this will be like the great audio debates: Valves vs transistors. Class A vs class D
  11. I've always removed the stickers to check the electrolyte in these 'sealed' silver calcium batteries. They need water almost as often as regular lead-acid batteries.
  12. Current Automation has both the regular and DIN mount Meanwell units.
  13. Thank you. Will probably try the R30 cheapie from Communica first, and if that fails, upgrade to the Meanwell.
  14. The DIN version looks nice. Can't find it on Mantech's site. Have these been spotted in SA?
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