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  1. Contacted them direct and received an almost instantaneous reply. All sounds very promising.
  2. G'Day all, Just need a bit of advice please. Off grid, stand alone Solar, 12 x 260 Ah batteries wired to 48v. I've got an 8600 watt generator which I start up once a month just as part of routine maintenance. Never hooked it up to the inverter as the PV input has been more than sufficient for our daily needs and to maintain the SOC of the battery at about 80% This system has been running since November 2019 to the point where it's almost boring, PV in AC out, it just works We're in winter here in South Australia and the last few weeks the weather has not been conducive for good solar input so the battery has copped a pounding, I'm using a 48v charger to supplement the PV input to maintain SOC. I should be able to do this via the inverter, which has 2 wire start capability as well, problem is I can't get the inverter to go into bypass or line mode, it sees the AC input but doesn't want to play with it. MPP Solar in Sydney have been great with their support but at this stage I'm thinking the problem exists between me and the equipment, so can anyone point out the error of my ways please.
  3. Wow, been using ICC since 2019 with very few problems, the Pi just sits there and works, but this software appears to be very much next level. I know I'm a one post special coming out of the wood work, just the same I've put in an enquiry with SMH to see if I can get this in the other SA (South Australia) Here's hoping.
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