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  1. sorry, not working also for me I'm not sure guys, why some SN works and some not... I didn't find solution of this issue.
  2. Hello, I tried your SN and there is no data. I'm not sure why. Do you have new device? How long do you send data to this server? Sorry for this issue. i worked with my data and it works ok.
  3. thanks a lot guys, I answered your messages. Unfortunatelly I have problem to read device SN started with 96... I have few issues. Does anybody have SN started 96... and it's working in application?
  4. Hello, Sorry for this issue. if you have more inverters or some unexpected solar configuration (more SCC), there could be error. But if you send me your SN I can test your situation and fix problems. I need some data values for testing. I have simple solar system and not all situation I can simulate. Yes, app is available for Android without ads and I'm working on no ads version for apple devices. In PRO version, there are also fixed some devices cofiguration problems: - fix for parallel/serial connection for your inverters - added total AC Output values You can also add
  5. I checked your SN (9291....02) and you are right. I have bad response. It looks like there are no data on server... If I'm wrong about you SN, please let me know it via PM
  6. Hi, sorry for this issue. If you copied you SN from power-datacenter.com it should be correct. But there are 2 SN numbers, card ID and device. You need to add device ID. Also you should see on server some live data values from your inverter. Do you see it? if you still think it's correct and app is not working, you can try send me via Personal Message or email your SN for few tests.
  7. Maybe yes, but I need to test it with live values... I have no account on dessmonitor and also I have not your HW (wifi RTU). If you can, please make for me read only access to dessmonitor for few tests. Without this I can't say if it's possible to add it to my APP. Anyway, it's not same data values, I have to make same process like make new app for this solution. If dessmonitor is same service like power-datacenter, it will be possible. But without tests it's not possible to develope support for this service. I'd like help you but export file is not enought. APP needs to read online
  8. Hello, data looks OK. But for APP I need live data of this file from inverter or some server. APP needs to read this file with actual values.
  9. Hello, thanks a lot for your feedback. You can't connect wifibox to your device? it's a pitty. This is my hobby app, there is no business plan for this app. I'd like see my values remotely, that's why I made this simple app. power-datacenter.com is 3rd party server, where my inverter sends via wifibox my solar data. I found many errors to (I can't export data, make new users etc.), but I'm not sure who is server provider, unfortunately there is no contact or support. Thanks a lot for your ideas for improvements, I'll be thinking about light mode of app. But I don't like G.
  10. Hello Trevor, thanks a lot, no much people wrote me back some experience. I would like add trends and history values. If there are some warnings place, I will check it and I will try show all warnings somewhere or make notification. I'm happy to see my actual values from device, but if you like it, I will try make some new improvements. Thanks again for your feedback.
  11. Solar Power Monitor - Apple iOS version Download App Store https://apps.apple.com/cz/app/solar-power-monitor/id1483067464
  12. In new version I will add autorefresh on start as option in settings. I'd like see last values before refreshing, but many people prefers fresh new data. if you have any more ideas for improvement, please let me know what you want in app. Also if you find any bug, I will try fix it soon.
  13. thanks a lot for your advice. yes. it's not ideal, but I need some values from inverter to make mobile application final installation will be on another roof. but I need to build some construction. This is only for testing solar panels behavior, because I'm new to this. I see shadows and wrong tilt have bad effect to solar power production. But for some data export testing it is enought. I will post final installation.
  14. for sending data to power-datacenter.com I use wifibox connected to inverter. I bought this hardware separately. But you can buy and connect this box to many other inverters. Or let me know where you check your solar data. I can try make another app for monitoring solar production data. Wificard: http://voltronicpower.com/en-US/Product/Detail/Wifi-Card Wifibox: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32845574731.html
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