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  1. thank you gents, the installer eventually added a separate charge controller (Tristar TS-60) and the system is now working 100%. When i'm able to travel there, i'll buy 2 more panels and install. thanks for all your help, i really appreciate it.
  2. thank you, i'm leaning toward either SCC or that we don't have enough panels i'll work on this over the next few days.
  3. Hi Coulomb, i am sending over the pics and text i got from the installer. Also, i got confirmation that the panels are installed in series and the voltage of 162vdc is shown below. The pv breaker is off and Iā€™m getting 162vdc from the panels If I put the pv breakers up the voltage will fall from 161vdcto 1.2vdc The cable with a black tape is the negative
  4. Sorry @Coulomb, indeed it's the Mecer SOL-I-AX-5NB model. It's actually 4 panels, 2 strings of 2 panels each (uggh i failed at speaking solar tech speak). Was hoping to start with 4 panels then add 2 later as funds permit. Ok, i'll ask him to check what fault code alternates and change that setting 28. Also, thanks for the FAQ i'll take a look. Bear with me, it may be a day or two before i can get responses. Thanks!
  5. Over the last few months i've bought components for solar system install in zim. System install was finally done but having some problems, items purchased include: Soliax-5-NB inverter, 4 x 340 watt Art Solar Panels (2 strings) and 1 x 4.8Kw Huawei battery. I couldn't travel due to obvious covid-19 issues but my installer is pretty good. He's facing the following issues: 1. On his first connection of panels, the inverter dropped voltage from 160v down to 45v 2. Subsequently, the Inverter doesn't recognize the panels once connected Got some pics of the display which i am including here and can tell fault light turns on once PV breaker is turned on. the other pic is when PV breaker is off. what could my issue be? Below are the settings currently on the inverter, open to suggestions on what ought to be changed. I realize there are quite a few issues here, any help would be appreciated. O1 UTL 02 60A 05 USE 16 SNU 26 53,5V 27 53,5V 29 44,0V
  6. I will be using 4 x 100 ah gel batteries, that's what's in my budget right now. it's unlikely that i'll be using lithium iron batteries for a while.
  7. hello, i think you'll have better look looking up posts using the phrase axpert MKS II. my understanding is that it's the same and is also the PIP-5048MG. i bought the exact same inverter and will be using it for domestic use as well in Zim.
  8. @Jaco de Jongh i am interested in buying a combiner box from you. will PM you
  9. @Kudzai don't know of any software for that but i've found plenty of excel type files to design solar panel, battery bank and inverter size. Can send you some via pm if you like. I know there's one excel spreadsheet under downloads here as well, can't quite remember title but i've got that one too. Also i've used the link below: https://www.altestore.com/store/calculators/off_grid_calculator/ they have a lot of good youtube videos as well.
  10. @Gerrie i haven't bought yet but having searched this forum really good it appears the seasoned members are installing their panels with good things to say.
  11. @Lazarus art solar has panels cheaper per rand than that i think. in addition if you're taking to zim then you should consider getting a tax invoice to get vat refund at the border. I've decided on the art solar 310 watt mono solar panel for 1,605 rands (incl VAT), they have a collection point in Joburg. Am also getting MPP Solar PIP 5048 GK inverter which is basically an Axpert VMIII. Lastly am still working on batteries, at this point it's going to be 4 x 100ah batteries for affordability.
  12. Thank you @Lazarus, these prices are very competitive. @Coulomb your answers are always very detailed, thanks so much.
  13. Thanks guys, @Gerlach is right i found the batteries on sustainable.coza so weā€™s be buying brand new. Really hoping to not get trapped into the used battery market (knowingly or otherwise). Pricing in zim can be wild so not bothering with finding a local distributor. anyone know where i can buy online?
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