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  1. I've recently had the following system installed at my house: 3kW Growatt Inverter 3 x 330W Canadian Solar Panels 2 x 200Ah 12V batteries (Champion 6FM200G) I'm not 100% convinced that the installers configured everything correctly and here is my thinking: Even when the system shows that the batteries are full, it will still use grid power (City Electric Bypass) and use the solar to "charge" the full batteries. It will do this even when the solar generates more than enough (550W) power to carry the load from the house (230W). Where does one get firmware updates for the Growatt? Might it be a simple firmware issue? I have switched the main incoming breaker from Eskom off and back on again, then the system functions as expected, using solar to carry the load and charge the batteries. This works fine until about 2am, when the batteries are low on power and require the Eskom power again to charge them up. As far as I know the battery setting should be set to "user" and then the charging voltage and floating point values will be used. Currently my battery type is set to the default. Anyway, that is my understanding. Anyone with experience on the Growatt systems?
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