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  1. Good day , I would like to ask how I can clear this error displayed on a bluenova battery " ERROR" CellComsErr
  2. Dear all , I have an axpert mecer 5kVA/5kW inverter and 6x pylontech us2000 installed for a client. The batteries are fully charged but the inverter is displaying 50% and still charging. What could be the problem?
  3. Dear All, I would to ask if anyone has ever used dry contacts on axpert inverters to auto start/stop a genset?
  4. I want to install 3 phase 15kVA victron inverter system with a GX device and a 15kW fronius inverter,
  5. hi, i would like to ask if the system can run smoothly with victron energy meter used in conjuction with fronius energy meter?
  6. Asto

    Axpert settings

    thanks @Coulombyour magic worked out.
  7. Asto

    Axpert settings

    Thanks for the information,its a recent model (those with high PV input voltage). I will try your recommended values and advise you on the results!
  8. Asto

    Axpert settings

    Hi, i have an installed a mecer axpert 5kVA inverter, 4xUS2000 pylontech,10x 340W solar panels. the only settings availability in terms of priority are U, SBU and S only. I have selected SBU as per the client's request but Utility is charging the batteries whenever the sundisappears,it is not using batteries.What could be the problem setting 12 - 47.5V setting 13- 52.2V setting 26- 53.2V setting 27 - 51V setting 29 - 46.5V
  9. dear friends, may you please assist me on this one. i have 3x 8kVA Quattro inverters, all to be connected in a 3 phase set up.I have my AC in from a 3 separate double pole 63A into individual 3 quattros.,CCGX powered up,pylontech US2000 connected. VE Bus cables connected from the first quattro-2nd quattro ,3rd quattro the into the CCGX, I have set same values (charge current,float,absorption etc for each quattro). the errors i am getting on the CCGX #3, #10,#17 can someone give me light to solve this? This is my first 3phase victron installation.
  10. Yes I have a CCGX Device loaded
  11. Hey guys how do you program solar priority setting on quattro inverters with mppt smartsol 250/100
  12. Thanks for the information very helpful. One more question, Are you using the cable pack US2000/US3000 supplied with Pylontech? If not ,how do you connect the Pylontech with a much thicker cable say 70mm2.This is for a victron -pylontech installation.
  13. hi friends,can someone share with me a wiring diagram for a 3 phase 3x8kVa quattro inverter system?
  14. good afternoon friends,I am planning a 15kVA 3 phase installation consisting of 3x5kVA Quattros,Pylontec US3000,solar panels and 3x victon smartsolar mppt,CCGX.Anyone with a wiring diagram who is will to share with me? You may send it here or email me at [email protected]
  15. The challenge is that the inverter settings are interms of voltage and I would like to set them at 50% DOD
  16. Good day people,I have a small question on how to determine the percentage DOD for a 24V system when the voltage is at 20V,21V,22V etc. Anyone with a calcution formula?
  17. I am having a same problem but this time with 3*US2000 pylontech and a Kodak MK .I put setting 5 to PYL but there error 61 started flashing,still on this setting I couldn't change values.After less than an hour the inverter disconnected all chargers and no output.I then put the setting 5 on USE and manage to adjust the values and now seems working. Looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next hour.
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