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  1. Howzit Guys O see you say support for Sun Synk That is good news to my ears. There is a couple of grey areas to me and as if one has no control over it. And maybe any news of its own monitoring system? Thanks
  2. Good day Just to answer a couple of Q’s The Geyserwise pv conversion is an easy DIY installation if you are a handy type of guy. it works very well in overall reaching anything between 20-35 degrees per day. AC part of element can be 1500w for back-up. And no maintenance. Tube collector system will be cheaper than the pv system but more work and suggest you use a professional for that as you can encounter some issues like reverse syphoning and wrong pump installations. (Note!! Don’t go flat plate route) Then we have the heat pumps, over the last 11 years I have se
  3. Thanks Got that firmware already this morning, that is only for the Dyness batteries. the other software I have is for bms. I have the settings for Shoto and then the Pylontec settings. There is a couple of things regarding the bms and LI settings I don’t like but will probably get answers in time.
  4. Hi guys been following this trend to see if we can get to a point of resolving the bms issue. Been working on this for a while now but I keep on getting back to fw. If you look at the firmware they send it is actually older then the fw on the inverter. So it is about time fw gets updated. Thank you @willietes for your time to help with this. Can you please send us an inbox with new firmware or email address to contact you as soon as the fw is ready? regards
  5. It is a pity, these units seems great on paper and I like the design. Only issues for me with the Goodwe is the 4.7kw back up, seems just to small. Will love to see a 5.5kw back up, Sermatec has a 5kw back up that makes it look better on paper. In the same price class I see now Growatt will soon be having the SPH6000 with similar spec available here.
  6. Good day guys First timer here, but as I read trought the treads I see that this is a very helpfull site. I am wondering if there is anyone on here that can help me with Axpert SOL-I-AX-5P Firmware updates? Inverter keeps on throwing an error 90. and no lines on screen connected to power indicators. TIA Jake
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