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  1. Hi Bluobul A fellow Sunsynk owner managed to log into the Sunsynk supplied WIFI logger. I pasted his feedback posted on the Sunsynk forum below. Would this assist in anyway for your custom monitoring project? Does it indicate that one may be able to do away with having to use a Raspberry Pi to manage the data/transfer? "Hi folks, somewhat related, I noticed the data logger listens on port 80/http, and has a web UI, and allows doing config for the data logger. First, it has default password of admin:admin. Hehe, um, this is exactly why I have proper wifi setup with my
  2. Hi Johann, Yes the one I have is the same as Justin's as per the link he posted. Just marked as 12V somewhere in error on the page but must be the 230V 40A version.
  3. Yes I have the same question on why the app (SolarMAN Pro) shows battery discharged. I did not even use the battery that day. I am running the Solarman Smart app for comparison as well. Consumption power also Indicated the 29,4 kWh which is definitely wrong. I agree Sunsynk should develop their own monitoring and control portal. Apparently it is in development as we speak. There is definitely some anomaly with the way the inverter reports information to SolarMAN. All the information on the local inverter screen makes sense and is accurate. BTW I found a setting o
  4. Hi All, have any of you noticed that the consumption power reported by the inverter on the Solarman app does not seem to be correct? I have re-pasted my post from the Sunsynk forum below. Please check my logic. Solar produced 13,8kwh + Battery Discharged 0,00kwh - Solar sold 9,1 kwh + Grid purchased 6,5kwh - battery charged 0,00kwh = 11,2 kwh (Theoretical kwh used by load circuit) Why does Solarman report consumption as 29,4kwh? (refer screenshot below). Based on past experience my load circuit only use between 11 - 15 kwh in a 24 hour period. How is this d
  5. Thanks Johann. No need to upgrade at point unless there are new features on latest version? They upgraded me the other day to a newer version in any case. I am not using a smart load with reset issues that needs resolving so at this point all is well.
  6. BTW how were you able to get hold of the files? See screenshot below of place on Solarman pro where I presume you save file, select and push to device yourself.
  7. Not to my knowledge, the GPRS logger was literally plug and play with no setup required with 2 years free data. The downfall is that one cannot connect to it locally for firmware upgrade. However I remember now that in the Solarman pro account desktop version has a section where one can select and upload software. @Achmat in theory you could do it yourself with the files Johann provided? Keith once mentioned on the Sunsynk website that they are working on using one of the LAN ports to be able to plug into home network directly so in theory no need for loggers etc, however I have seen
  8. Awesome, thank you. Unfortunately in my case I have the GPRS logger so there is no way to log into the IP address and do a self upload. I will have to rely on the bunch in China to push to inverter. Unless there is another way to do a self install?
  9. These software updates are super confusing. I requested latest update and my comm version is now VE 406 and control software is V0.1.3.6. Support assured me it’s the latest version. On a 5,5kw machine.
  10. Hi Justin, for interest does the current functionality of the smart load feature not have enough programmability "almost" to achieve what you want to do? To my knowledge the smart load can be programmed to switch on and off based on the battery SOC and the power produced on panels. e.g, you can program if the battery above 30% and solar power in excess of 4kw then smart load will switch on and could power your geyser.
  11. Hi Heinds, yes you can. The best solution is to use a time on delay power relay. This is what I was using together with an Axpert earthing relay box before the software on the inverter was updated. The coil in the time on delay relay senses if you have Eskom gird. When AC lost it signals the earthing box to connect earth and neutral. When grid comes back it waits 60 seconds to unlink earth neutral coinciding with the moment the inverter reconnects grid (as you may know the default time a hybrid inverter takes to reconnect to grid once power restored is 60 seconds). Long story short I have
  12. Thanks Johan, yes exactly. To my knowledge it is a SANS "RSA electrical code" safety requirement. Search this forum on the subject to learn more. There are quite a few discussion strings on earth neutral bonding etc.
  13. Hi, picture attached. Power relay on the left (black relay mounted on a little plastic board and secured with cable ties). Earth wire from relay bridging load neutral and earth. Signal wires into the ATS240V port on inverter. IMG_1156.HEIC
  14. Hi Werner, the only way to solve the problem is with a power relay linking load output neutral and earth when grid falls away and vice versa. The inverter emits a voltage signal to switch the relay on and off. To use this signal you have to have the latest firmware installed on the machine and check the box in settings for island mode signal. Refer to the latest Sunsynk manual. It shows how to wire and setup correctly.
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