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  1. Thanks @dropkick, I'll email Emperors Palace tonight.
  2. My position at work is now redundant so I was thinking of doing small self-inking stamps because there's a market opening for that especially in my area. Had anyone got any machine recommendations? I'm loving the Trotec at the moment but I can't find alternate medium-priced alternatives.
  3. The sunsynk app that'll be coming out eventually - does anyone know if the notification will be one of its features? I'm also looking at Home Assistant again after all.
  4. Thanks both of you. Alas, no Home Assistant, I watched Ghost in the Machine as a kid and it scarred me.
  5. Does anyone have any updates, apps, or new opinions on this? Ideally we'd like the alerts sent to a phone. Every time we have a storm in our area the mains switch off and tonight we didn't notice until the battery switched off. The fault code was an F56 which someone else in the family suggested was caused by someone knocking a switch off today as they were working near the inverter. We're running a grid-powered Sunsynk 5kW with a Hubble 5.5kW.
  6. Thanks both for your replies - I'll probably end up mostly DIYing it myself (Hobson's choice) so I'll take the philosophical route of what will be will be atm. It's a lot easier to do so because the wind has died down now... I'm going to read up about what you said about the 4 zones - thanks Coulomb!
  7. So solar panels for my setup might be in the picture sooner than I thought. But the strong wind in JHB over the last few days has made me nervous: how do your installations hold up in the wind (especially those of you with the Cape Doctor), and how calm are you in strong weather like wind, and hailstorms? Is there anything extra you've done to mitigate these worries?
  8. Thanks Midas - I've downloaded optimal tilt so we'll see if that settles the arguments. You made some good points about the garage roof that I hadn't considered before. I've got a Sunsynk 5.5 and a Hubble AM2 to it's good to get more confirmation that was a good decision~
  9. I'm starting to do research on PV panels (I didn't think I'd need to do it 3 years earlier than planned but someone in the house got the solar bug). 1. Are there any PV brands you prefer? 2. Would you rather install on a garage roof - flat, galvanised iron - or a house roof - sloped with old cement tiles from then Rhodesia. Currently there's an ongoing argument that's getting more heated about which would get more sun. I think the garage by about an hour, and I think the panels would be easier to install, clean and service if necessary. Both face the same direction NNE-SSW.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm glad this forum is here! I'm starting my research into a hybrid solar on an extreme budget edition (I'm passionate about solar, but each time I calculate the costs I stop breathing, and stop researching until the shock wears off). I can't afford to go all out all on the cost at once: only about R30 000 a year, max. To start with I was thinking of getting a 5kW SunSynk (hybrid and good quality) and Li-ion batteries to deal with the loadshedding. And then the solar panels (plus extras) and another SunSynk 2 years down the line. I originally wanted PylonTech batteries but Does anyone know of cheaper Li-ion (I only want Li-ion) batteries that work with the SunSynk and if there's a minimum number of batteries I should buy? [Edit] I know I'm living in denial about the batteries. Please humour me...
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