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  1. @Coulomb Made some changes to the inverter voltage settings in line with your suggestions and it seems to have solved the problem. The inverter now switches on the SOC settings of the ICC. What puzzles me is that the system worked perfectly fine with the old inverter settings for almost a year (approximately 200 battery cycles logged). Is it possible for the Pylontechs' voltage profiles to change/deteriorate over time so that, after 200 cycles, the voltage at approximately 25% SOC is now lower than when installed?
  2. @Coulomb Got an earlier version of the software and testing it now. Had an erroneous switch to grid again this morning (at about 24% SOC instead of the 20% setting). Looks like the battery voltage may have momentarily dipped below my Back to grid Voltage setting of 48V, coinciding with a increase in power draw - refer to attached graph. The graph shows a minimum of 48,5V but the switch happened at that time hence my suspicion as described above.. Any harm in reducing the back to grid voltage to 47V?
  3. @Coulomb Originally set up the system with all the values and settings for Pylontechs as published on this forum - and it worked perfectly for a long time! I will confirm later today that all is in line with the suggestions as per FAQ #2 and will also monitor the voltages when the switching occurs. Is it possible that the battery voltages will change (after being used for a year) to such an extent that settings that used to work no longer do so? Any idea why the switch from grid to batteries is now also higher?
  4. I have 2 x 5kVA (450 VOC) Axperts in parallel with 8 x US3000B Pylontechs and 24 x 380W PV panels, implemented with a Raspberry Pi running ICC software. System worked perfectly for about a year with switching between Grid and Battery/Solar being controlled by the ICC. Been religiously keeping my ICC software up to date and downloading a new version the moment it becomes available. I recently developed a problem where the system does not switch based on the battery SOC anymore. My ICC settings for this are 20% SOC back to grid and 50% SOC to Battery/Solar but the system seems to swit
  5. Is the Powerforum store still operational. Looking for a quote on 2 x Pylontech US3000C, 1 set of battery cables and 2 sets of brackets, delivered to Jhb
  6. Did anyone try these batteries? Are they the Pylontechs just branded as Synapse or are they knock-offs? Looking for 2 x 3000C's
  7. Thanks Herman Implemented this solution on two separate systems in two different parts of the country on the 1st of December, when I first saw the post. No error 08 messages on either of the systems since then, despite intermittent cloudy and wet weather. Seems like a lasting solution. If anything changes I will give feedback
  8. I have 2 x 5kVA Axpert MKS II inverters in parallel with 24 x 380W panels (9120W total), 8 x Pylontech 3,5kWh batteries and a Raspberri PI with ICC installed, controlling the system. Last couple of days have been cloudy with intermittent periods of full sun and I am now periodically logging very high (20,000 - 30,000 W) outputs from my solar panels on the PI. Happens in the morning around 9 ish when the sun is breaking through the clouds. Looks to me like a measuring error somewhere as the reported values are 2 - 3 times the installed PV capacity. Anybody seen this before?
  9. Very interested in this potential solution Herman. Are you referring to setting 11 - Maximum utility charging current to be set to 2A and setting 16 - Charge source priority to be set to CSO instead of OSO? With OSO only solar can charge batteries but with CSO, utility can also charge if there is no solar
  10. All useful info thanks. Will do some further fault finding - suspect it will cost me a new hairdryer
  11. @Chloe Weird thing is I also installed another system with two of the same 5kVA Axperts in parallel, this time with 24 x solar panels and 8 x Pylontechs and have not had any issues with any loads (hairdryers, kettles, lawnmower etc, etc) If a hairdryer is really such an issue one would think the supplier would let you know about this
  12. I have an Axpert 5kVA Mk2, and 2 x 2400 Pylontechs - No solar panels. System had a couple of issues in the past - main board failure and coms issues, both repaired by the supplier. I now get an Error 55 - Over DC voltage in AC output. When I reset the unit it works again. Took this up with the local South African agent/supplier (Rectron). They spoke to the Chinese supplier and got the following response "Error 55 mean the DC component of the output voltage is over the limit. It is usually caused by half waveform load, like hair drier. We don’t recommend the customer to use
  13. Recently started experiencing the same problem, albeit not as frequently as some of the other participants (2 occasions). Went through this thread in detail and I must admit that I am still a bit confused. I have mono-crystalline panels and unlike some of the others, I experience the 08 error after extended periods of being off-grid. The most recent one occurred at 5:00 am this morning after having been off-grid for about 4 days, running on solar and batteries only. The 08 error occurred when the inverter switched to bypass. Strangely enough, during the winter months, when switc
  14. Installed an Axpert MkII 5kVA Inverter with 2 x Plylontech US2000 batteries and an ICC system - no solar panels. System is to be used as a load shedding power back-up. The batteries have never discharged (besides limited testing after installation) yet the master Pylontech keeps on giving an error - the red alarm light comes on. There is no error on the slave battery. The error disappears when turning the batteries on and off by pressing the on/off switch. If I press the SW button, nothing happens. The error then re-appears a day or so later. Battery values programmed
  15. Apologies if I am repeating a question asked many times before but I could not locate a previous post on the forum. I have 2 x 5kVA Axpert MKS II units in parallel with 8 x Pylontech US3000 batteries, a PV array and an ICC module. Systems works fine with the ICC managing the Pylontech batteries. However, when running from the batteries I sometimes get an error 04 - low battery voltage, on the inverter. This is confusing as the Pylontech voltage sits at 48,8 and the only Axpert setting I could possibly find that would cause this is no 29, which is set at 46 V, in line with recomm
  16. Glad to hear all is probably ok. Thank you very much for the advice!
  17. I have 2 x Axpert 5kVA MkII inverters in parallel with 24 x 380W PV panels an ICC and Pylontech US3000 batteries. Started off with 4 batteries and the system ran perfectly showing SOC as "Full" fairly early each morning when the batteries were fully charged. I recently added another 4 batteries (now 8 in total). The system still runs fine and the ICC sees all 8 batteries but the SOC maxes out at 98.88%. It never shows "Full" on the ICC as per the previous set-up with only 4 batteries. When the SOC reaches this 98.88% level the ICC also indicates that the batteries are no longer
  18. I currently have 4 Pylontech U3000's connected to my system and want to add 2 more. The total of 6 is within the allowable spec for 1 stack but my physical configuration will not allow them to all be on top of each other. I'm think of splitting them into 2 groups of 3. Unfortunately the supplied communication cable between batteries is too short for this configuration. Can I use a longer cable and if so, where do I get one?
  19. Also thought that. Unfortunately I re-started the ICC in my haste and now I can only see the data since re-start
  20. Hi Jaco, no while discharging - see my description above Sorry, new in this forum so I probably messed up the original topic description
  21. I recently installed a system with 2 x Axpert 5kVA MKII inverters in parallel, 24 x 380 PV panels and 4 x Pylontech U3000 batteries. Also using the ICC module and special cable for the batteries System was working beautifully for 1 week switching seamlessly between Solar/Battery and grid power. Last night the batteries tripped and the power went completely off for about 30 seconds before it came back. It seems as if battery power ran out, the batteries tripped and after a while, inverters re-started on grid power. When I investigated this morning and re-started the batteries they sh
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