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  1. Installed an Axpert MkII 5kVA Inverter with 2 x Plylontech US2000 batteries and an ICC system - no solar panels. System is to be used as a load shedding power back-up. The batteries have never discharged (besides limited testing after installation) yet the master Pylontech keeps on giving an error - the red alarm light comes on. There is no error on the slave battery. The error disappears when turning the batteries on and off by pressing the on/off switch. If I press the SW button, nothing happens. The error then re-appears a day or so later. Battery values programmed in the inverter is as recommended on this forum. Any idea why?
  2. Apologies if I am repeating a question asked many times before but I could not locate a previous post on the forum. I have 2 x 5kVA Axpert MKS II units in parallel with 8 x Pylontech US3000 batteries, a PV array and an ICC module. Systems works fine with the ICC managing the Pylontech batteries. However, when running from the batteries I sometimes get an error 04 - low battery voltage, on the inverter. This is confusing as the Pylontech voltage sits at 48,8 and the only Axpert setting I could possibly find that would cause this is no 29, which is set at 46 V, in line with recommendation either on this forum or from the ICC suppliers. Any reason why and is this a problem?
  3. Glad to hear all is probably ok. Thank you very much for the advice!
  4. I have 2 x Axpert 5kVA MkII inverters in parallel with 24 x 380W PV panels an ICC and Pylontech US3000 batteries. Started off with 4 batteries and the system ran perfectly showing SOC as "Full" fairly early each morning when the batteries were fully charged. I recently added another 4 batteries (now 8 in total). The system still runs fine and the ICC sees all 8 batteries but the SOC maxes out at 98.88%. It never shows "Full" on the ICC as per the previous set-up with only 4 batteries. When the SOC reaches this 98.88% level the ICC also indicates that the batteries are no longer charging. Any idea why this would be? Is it a problem?
  5. I currently have 4 Pylontech U3000's connected to my system and want to add 2 more. The total of 6 is within the allowable spec for 1 stack but my physical configuration will not allow them to all be on top of each other. I'm think of splitting them into 2 groups of 3. Unfortunately the supplied communication cable between batteries is too short for this configuration. Can I use a longer cable and if so, where do I get one?
  6. Also thought that. Unfortunately I re-started the ICC in my haste and now I can only see the data since re-start
  7. Hi Jaco, no while discharging - see my description above Sorry, new in this forum so I probably messed up the original topic description
  8. I recently installed a system with 2 x Axpert 5kVA MKII inverters in parallel, 24 x 380 PV panels and 4 x Pylontech U3000 batteries. Also using the ICC module and special cable for the batteries System was working beautifully for 1 week switching seamlessly between Solar/Battery and grid power. Last night the batteries tripped and the power went completely off for about 30 seconds before it came back. It seems as if battery power ran out, the batteries tripped and after a while, inverters re-started on grid power. When I investigated this morning and re-started the batteries they showed a 5% SOC. I find this strange for a couple of reasons 1. All settings for inverter and ICC are based on recommendations on this forum. The ICC is set up to control the system based on SOC with a 25% lower limit for pointing back to grid and SOC is based on Pylontech values as monitored by the ICC. This has been working flawlessly since installation with the system changing over to grid when the SOC reaches 25% with no discernable voltage/supply fluctuation. Why the change? 2. As far as I know, the Pylontech BMS limits the DOD to a maximum of 90% before a trip. Why did I see a SOC of 5% when re-starting In the day before the trip I sometimes noticed a slight flickering in my LED and fluorescent lights. Don't know if this helps at all. Also concerned that the batteries may have been damaged Any help/advice will be appreciated
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